Friday, April 8, 2011

HELP! I need a vacation!

Alright my blog friends, I am in need of some help.  The big 5 year anniversary is coming up in June and we are in DESPERATE need of a vacation!  Unfortunately, we are having a hard time deciding where to go or what to do?  I've been searching aimlessly on the internet waiting for the perfect picture to grab me and say "GO HERE", but I've had no such luck yet.  The real problem is everything looks so darn good!  I think we are suffering from what is called, "The 1st year of parenthood".  You know, the year in which you do mostly nothing by yourself and when you do, half the time away is spent thinking about the one you needed to get some time away from.  It's cruel, sick and twisted but we can't help ourselves, can we?  However, the time has come!  And although I can't promise I won't be thinking of my sweet Luke while I'm far away (possibly being massaged and sipping a Mai Tai next to my handsome husband) least I'll be far away :)

So here is where you come in!  Tell me some of your favorite vacation spots.  Where are some places you have been or wanted to go?  What are the fun things you did at those places?  We are open to all suggestions, just keep in mind we are on a budget and have limited baby sitting time (about 4 nights 5 days to be specific). :)


  1. Costa Rica. I know Eric has been before but you have to experience it too. You get a mix of relaxation and fun activities. You can lay by the pool, swim in the ocean, mountain biking, hike to the volcano, and we did this awesome zip line tour. When we went the first time we stayed at a resort for a couple days and it was amazing. Just an idea...

  2. This may not be what you have in a mind, but you could always do a road trip out west with a stop in New Mexico! Santa Fe has some great spas and I know a free place to stay in Albuquerque which would help to keep costs down :).

  3. I loved the cruise we went on last spring. they have so many different options. But Kendra is right...NM is pretty magnetic considering the peeps you could see there! :) Have fun with whatever you choose!

  4. I think you should consider Key West! You can fly directly in, or drive the scenic stretch from Florida. We almost went there for our anniversary, but chose Laguna Beach instead. Which also comes highly recommended! Have fun planning your well-deserved trip!

  5. Palm Springs (or Palm Desert), CA. Not out of the country. Not so much to do that you feel like you're missing out by sitting around the pool. There's no beach, but there's plenty of sand. :)

    We honeymooned there and it was Amazing. Capital A.



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