Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everything is better with a Mustache...

You know what I mean?
Me either.

I don't know why I find mustaches so funny these days, but for some reason they always put a smile on my face.  Obviously, some things just never go out of style.   
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  As I shared before, I found this pic on Pinterest and used it as inspiration for the party thank you notes.

One of Luke's party details we put a fun twist on were the thank you notes.  When the guests first arrived we had them go into the living room for a quick mustache pic.  The guests had a lot of fun trying on the different mustaches and props for their photos.  I photo-shopped the words "thank you" on our family facial hair pic.  We thought it would be a silly surprise in leu of a standard "thank you" card.  It gave it a personal touch and hopefully a smile to the guests.  With the thank you photo we also sent their personal mustache pic.

We sent the "missed you" cards to the friends and family who were unable to come to the party due to distance, but were truly missed.

And now, I leave you with a few silly mustache pics of some of our sweet friends and family. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few PaR-tAy details...

Luke's first birthday party was such a special day.  Although our whole family couldn't be there to celebrate with us, they sent cards and love from Michigan and Georgia anyway.  My mom had surgery on her foot and has not be able to put weight on it for 6 weeks! So it worked out perfectly to have the party at their house so she could be apart of the day, bum foot n' all. 

Some inspiration I used to plan Luke's 1st Birthday.  Images found on Pinterest.  
(image via Pinterest)
(image via Pinterest)
(image via Pinterest)

I decided to go with a blue, orange, and green theme for no reason other than, I liked it :).  I followed the pom making tutorial on to make the poms that hung over the food table and in the living room.  We set up a photo booth in the living room and I made mustaches out of black cardstock and bamboo skewers.  Our guests took family photos with the mustaches and will be getting them this week as thank-you cards. :)

Green drink dispenser found at Sams Club.  

Cupcake holder from Target a couple years ago.

Dollar items from Target and local Party Store.

We neglected to get a picture of the food table, but you can kind of see it behind Luke, who is about to blow out his first candle!  We kept it simple with pizza, blue chips and corn chips, fruit salsa, my version of guacamole, salad, cantaloupe and honeydew melon (to keep with the orange and green theme :).

My mom helped me finish Luke's birthday banner while keeping her foot elevated, or corse.
We also had punching-balloons scattered around the floor and other little toys for Luke's little buddies to play with.  Unfortunately, it was raining so my ideas for backyard games and bubbles were squashed,  but the balloons and other little toys were enough to keep the little ones entertained.

I didn't capture every detail on camera; like the balloons out front or Luke's life suitcase with special birthday blessings and wishes written by the guests for him to keep in it.  The sweet messages to Luke from our friends and family were one of my favorite details of the party. My other favorite was the beautiful compilation video Eric put together of Luke's 1st year.  I cried through most of it and did my best to hold back the snort-cry.

Luke had a cupcake in place of a smash cake.  I did this for a few reasons, but for those of you who know Luke, know why a smash cake wouldn't have been the best idea.  This kid and food, sheeesh!  He loved his little cupcake and it was a lot of fun watching him devour enjoy it.

We couldn't leave the party without making a Luke sandwich!

Luke enjoyed all of his guests, but has a special place in his heart for Emery.  He got his very first kiss from her, as well as his 2nd and 3rd.  

Katie and Tim posing for their mustache pic.

Family facial hair photo.

Uncle Tim and Luke- who is obviously not sure about that guy with the mustache.

Luke giving his new bear a kiss... (sigh) :)

It was such a special day and I really enjoyed planning every part of his 1st party.  
Happy Birthday baby boy!  
We LOVE you!


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