Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dear Miles, 3 months

Dear Miles,

What a fun month this has been!  Although the morning always comes far too quickly for me, you start my day off right with one of your infectious smiles.  It never fails!  As soon as we place you on the changing table you lock eyes with us and smile like we are the best thing you've ever seen!  It exudes joy and all of the sudden my empty tank feels full.  Your nicknames have already been established and they all have to do with your sweet smile.  "Miles of Smiles", "Biggie Smiles", and "Smiles" have almost replaced your real name.

Your sweet cheeks are growing! At your 1 month appointment you weighed 9lbs 1oz and were 20.5 inches long and at your 2 month appointment you weighed 11lbs 13oz and were 22 1/2 inches long.  I can only imagine you gained another pound or three since then! When your brother Weston is asleep we can put you under your playmat to play with your toys.  You can already bat and grab them!

You like to suck on your hands and are getting better at keeping the paci in your mouth just a little longer.  You do a great job with tummy time and have a very strong neck.  You still don't love your car-seat, but we are working on that! Like your brothers, you LOVE your bath, but I know you don't get them often enough.  You have been such an easy baby and an exceptional cuddler!  I just love that about you!
I never told you about how we came up with you name.  Not surprisingly, we were having a very difficult time coming up with a 3rd boy name we loved.  During my pregnancy with you we were asked a lot about what names we were thinking of and also given a lot of suggestions!  True to form, we didn't name you until a few days after you were born.  We came to the hospital with our list and after initially laying eyes on you we actually thought we were going to name you something completely different!  But by your 2nd day, you opened your eyes for an extended period of time and we finally just knew exactly what name fit you best.
Miles means servant leader, merciful, and soldier.  Such a fitting tribute to your sweet Nana.  Once you get to know your Nana, you will know she embodies the gift of mercy and is one of the biggest servant leaders I've ever met.  Your Nana has become a true warrior as she has learned to battle cancer with not only her body but with the Holy Spirit.  She continues to surrender her fears and her own plans for her life and gives it all to the One who knit her together.  Your middle name, John is after your Great Grandpa Winkler.  He is a man you can emulate you life after.  A disciplined, kind, and faithful man.  Miles, I pray you come to know the God who knit you together.  I pray you grow to embody all these beautiful qualities. I love you so very much, sweet boy.



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