Monday, April 15, 2013

Indianapolis Children's Museam

The Children's Museum in Indianapolis.  
For a boy obsessed with all things Robot and Race car... we took him to the right place...

Emily and Luke stayed here at least an hour.  They would have stayed longer if we let them.  Maybe I should put a sand pit in my house??

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Weston, 8 months

Dear Weston,

Hold on, how did you become 8 months old already?  While the months are flying by, I am enjoying every bit of baby time I have with you, precious one.  I am happy to report you are becoming just a little more cuddly each month.  I've coerced you into letting me rock you for a little while before I lay you down at night.  You rest your head on my shoulder and pick at my sleeve as I sing "Doxology" to you.  While I do not have a good voice, you still love it when I sing to you- which is too sweet for words.  Luke will sing to you when you are upset and you most always calm right down.  It's really special to see your brother care for you in that way.  He is attuned to your feelings and wants to help you when you are sad. Also, he is still the best at getting the most genuine laugh from you.
 You've found a new noise this month.  If only when you read this you could hear my imitation scream. 
"AAAAHHHH!...... AH!...... AAAAHHHH!"  
It's a deep, serious, come from the gut, make your face red, scream.  It's loud and it comes with such force it makes your arms poke out from your sides like sticks on a snowman.  It seems as though you might be mad or irritated at something when you do it, but you're not.  In fact, half the time it comes with a great giggle at the end of it.  
You "perform" this scream at random times, like during meals at a restaurant, when you wake up from your nap, while you are waiting for the next bight of food... etc. Now I'm wondering if it's your own way of getting some attention?  Hmmm, maybe.... :) 
Often, you wake up from your afternoon nap before your brother, so we get some treasured alone time together.  I use this time to snuggle you, talk to you about what's going on, read with you, and point out your little hands and your cute button nose.  Everything about you is so special to me, Weston.  I delight in uncovering all the little pieces of your personality.  So far it seems to me, you are a laid back kind of guy.  You love to watch and join in the fun, but don't necessarily have to be the center of it. You love being with people and want to be where everyone else is hanging out. You are a chatty little guy and like to try out all kinds of noises.  You have the sweetest disposition and a very content nature.
You are sitting up pretty well now, as you can see from these pictures.  Sometimes you kick your legs in excitement and fall back, so we often place pillows behind you to catch your fall.  You are saying, "Da Da Da" and sometimes we get "Ma Ma", which I Luuuurve :).  You continue to eat very well and have gone with whatever concoction I throw together- even peas mixed with oatmeal :). Not unlike your brother, you are not happy when the food is gone.  You'll be glad to know, since you are now having lunch and dinner with us you are getting more baths.  Due to the obvious aftermath left all over your face and usually hair, I am finally getting with the program.

oh that profile... I love it so.
"Michelin Man" arms and kissable cheeks..... 
Easter came and went during your 7th month on this earth, though, this truth we celebrate is for 
His grace washes over me everyday and I am so humbled, so grateful.  Weston, my deepest prayer for you is that you would understand your desperate need for Jesus.  I pray His truth takes root in your heart and you learn to commune with the God who created you.  What amazing love He has for you.

All my love,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter fun

Emmy and Luke dying Easter eggs together.  Emmy was delicate and artistic.  Luke was plopping the eggs into the cups from about 2 feet above.  I think we ended up with about 2 eggs that weren't demolished.  Ah, memories.

Armed with paper towels... lots and lots of paper towels

Rolling down to our neighborhood egg hunt!

Papa and Great Grant.

This years Easter Egg hunt happened indoors because of rain.  Still, just as fun to Luke.

A sweet video of Luke with some Easter goodies.


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