Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Luke, 9 months

Dear Luke,
You've been out of my belly as long as you were in my belly, so your trial period is over. I think we'll keep ya. And just so you know, you are way better than I ever imagined you could be.
You had your 9 month check-up at the end of the month and I'm happy to report you are one healthy boy. You dipped into the 10th percentile in height and weight, which is rather stunning when I look at your healthy lamb-chop-legs and your sweet chubby cheeks. There isn't a lack of appetite on your part either, which always makes meal time very entertaining. You have learned how to sign "more", however you don't sign it the way we taught you. You sign it by slamming your hand over and over again on the highchair.  We know when you do this you want MORE as QUICKLY as possible. Usually, we don't even have the spoon out of your mouth before you begin slamming your hand up and down again. I'm not sure if this is the most polite way to ask for more, so I guess we'll have to continue to work on that one :). People usually comment about how lucky we are that you aren't a picky eater, (which we are grateful for) but I don't think they take into consideration what happens when the food runs out. :)
I'm happy to report you are now on a real schedule. One nap in the morning, one in the afternoon, and bedtime at 7:30pm. Up until about 2 months ago we didn't really have you on a "schedule" so to speak. You were such a content baby we just kind of let you tell us when you were tired or hungry. You were easy and so much fun we didn't care if you went to bed at 9 o'clock at night. Don't get me wrong, you are still an easy baby and still a lot of fun, but Mom and Dad have learned we need "Mom and Dad time"..... and this time comes when you are in bed.  
As your Dad knows all too well, I have a little pity party for myself when you grow and move on to something new. One of the things I grieved this month was rocking you to sleep. Your Dad and I have rocked you to sleep pretty much every night you've been on this earth. Last month, we began trying to teach you how to put yourself to sleep. This came about when it started taking us over 30 minutes to rock you to sleep. We figured out this doesn't work so well for instance; when we have guests over and the hosts disappear for 30-45 minutes. It took several weeks, but now I can lay you in your crib at nap time and you just go "night night" all by yourself :). You cry sometimes, but no more than a few minutes.  At night your Dad and I take turns rocking you for a little while. Not because you need it, but because we love it. I will never get tired of your little head buried in my armpit when you're tired.  
I know you love your Mama, but you give the biggest smile to your "Da Da" when he comes through the door. It melts my heart every time. Both your Dad and I play his entrance up big time to try and get the biggest reaction possible out of you. You love it when he calls us and I put him on speaker phone. You have lots to say to him and usually laugh and smile when he talks back to you. You know who your "Da Da" is, but he also shares his name with me, your toys, strangers, and mostly anything else you point at.  
You are one busy kid. You rarely sit in one spot for more than a few seconds. You are crawling, standing, cruising, sitting, rolling, and climbing. You can even stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds and with control, bring yourself to the floor. You are so curious and I am constantly finding you in precarious situations; like when you just knew you could squeeze yourself through the wall and the leg of the kitchen table...  It didn't work out so well for you.
I can't believe we just have a few months until your 1st birthday. I am soaking up each and every day with you because this time really does go by so fast. 9 months ago I had no idea how much I would love you, Luke. I am truly in awe of it all. You are such a gift. We still find it incredible that God chose your Dad and I to be your parents.  We are so blessed.  
I love you precious baby boy,


  1. Precious Melissa! I love your updates on Luke. He is adorable! Hopefully he and Coleman can meet one day!

  2. Oh Melissa! I absolutely adore these posts. What a treasure they will be to look back on one day. Luke could not be any cuter. And he sounds like such a sweet baby. Without a doubt, you are one blessed mama!

  3. they make me feel like i'm still close by:) love you and miss you!



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