Friday, October 3, 2014

Dear Miles, 4 months

Dear Miles,

Another fun month has flown by. Your 4 month appointment confirmed your obvious growth: 15.1 lbs and 24 1/2 inches long.  Here you are in your "turkey swaddle".  You sleep like this every night and haven't learned to bust out of it quite yet.  You continue to be a good sleeper.  You are sleeping through the night most of the time but just this last week have been waking up again to eat.  I guess that means another growth spurt.  Just stop it!

Bath time continues to be your favorite and mine.  I think you know when you are about to get one too!  I lay you in the hallway while I am getting your bath ready and when you hear the water running you start squealing and kicking your legs in preparation.  You splash and giggle every time you're in the bath.  Which reminds me- giggling, it finally came!  We are still waiting for the big belly laugh.  I suspect you are waiting for just the right joke from your big brother, Luke.

Your smile truly is the heart-melting.  I am NOT a morning person, but waking up to your sweet face really does make the mornings a little more tolerable.  It's always a treat to walk over to you and see your smiling face first thing in the morning.

I realize I am biased, but you are almost too cute for me to take.  I have to restrain myself from squeezing your little body too hard from a cute attack.  A problem both your brothers had to deal with as well.  You surely don't lack for enough kisses and snuggles.  

You have great dimples, an adorable nose crinkle, and sparkly brown eyes.  A feature unique to you as both your brothers have blue eyes.  You are content to sit and watch but like to be where the action is happening.  You seem to want to join in the fun already making it known you are there by adding your squeals and coos into the mix.  You love being talked to, most notably by your big brother, Luke. You most always respond with a huge open mouth smile.  No teeth yet and no teething symptoms.  

This month you've tried out some more of your toys.  You've been in your Bumbo seat and exersaucer.  Funny how your exersaucer is now everyone's favorite toy. :)  You've also tried out your jumper.  No jumping yet but you did manage to spin yourself around once!

You sure have made the transition from 2-3 an easy one.  You are content, smiley, and just so lovable.  It's such a privilege to discover who you are, Miles. We couldn't imagine our life without you. I just love being your Mom.

Love you bunches and bunches,


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