Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Weston, 12 months

Dear Weston,

Happy Birthday buddy!  One year ago today we were sitting in our hospital room staring at your sweet face, in awe of the fact that we just expanded our family by one sweet baby boy.  We are so incredibly blessed to have you as our second born.  Your content nature, contagious smile, and overall sweetness are beautiful gifts the Lord put in you.
We recognize these qualities and are grateful God allowed us a baby like you while continuing on the parenting learning curve.  You are a beautiful, sweet, healthy baby boy.  Such a blessing!
Weston, I absolutely LOVE being your Mom.  I've had the privilege of being with you for all your milestones and for most every smile.  We've shared lots and lots of snuggle time.  I think I may have forced you into becoming a cuddler, but you sure love it now.  You squeeze my arm tight and often find the nook of my neck for a long snuggle.  You pop your head up only to give me a big smile and then burry your head back down.
If you are upset, it only takes your Dad or I scooping you up and you calm down right away.   If you see one of your blankets on the floor you do your fastest crawl towards it and dive your head down onto your blanket for a snuggle.
You love to nuzzle your swaddle blankets and listen to your mobile lullaby song.  You really like your crib and usually fall right asleep when we lay you down.
You also enjoy your carseat.  This has been an added bonus!  You're all about car rides and love to try and get Luke to laugh at you by screaming "BA" over and over again.  Luke laughs and usually joins in the screaming.  It can get a little loud in there, but most of the time the laughter overrides any irritation the loud noises might cause me.
You have lots of tricks.  You love to shake your head back and forth as if you are saying "No".  Sometimes I think that's what you are saying :).  You crawl around the house shaking your head back and forth I have no idea what you are doing, but it always makes us laugh. You also like to do "so big' and scream from your high chair to see who you can get to mimic you.  You are pulling up on things and cruising.  You have even attempted to climb the stairs.  You love things with buttons and most of all like crawling after your brother through the house.  You still love jumping in your jumper, but I'm afraid we are about to hit the weight limit!
What a fantastic year it has been, I cannot imagine life without you, precious boy.  Weston, we pray your tender heart, content spirit, care and interest in others, and overall sweetness remain as you continue to grow into the person God's created you to be.  While I always get a little sad when my babies get older, I am learning to love each new season God brings.  You are a delight and I love you with all my heart!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Weston, 11 months

Dear Weston,

This year has gone faster than I thought possible.  We are just a few short weeks away from your 1st birthday.  How can this be?  I cannot tell you enough how blessed we are to have you in our family.  Your presence alone brings joy to my heart.  Seriously, I just have to be near you and I feel happier.  It's the truth!
You have grown a lot in your abilities this past month!  You are crawling!  You love to chase your brother around the kitchen island.  Some of your favorite things to play with are the match game cards.  You love to open the box and throw all of them out all over the floor.  Then you put one in each hand and crawl all over the house with them like they are your friends.

You LOVE my phone and get very upset if I have to take it from you.  You notice which toy you were playing with and are not happy if someone takes it from you. :)

You are practicing some new sounds.  You say; mama, dada, buba, nana, and papa.  You babble often with your low voice and scream in your very high pitched voice.  Your pallet is proving to be a little more picky than your brothers'.  You definitely love to eat, but seem to be sensitive to different textures.  You make hilarious faces of disgust when something just doesn't feel right in your mouth and then push out the remains with your tongue.  
Let's see, you can pull up on things, get up on all fours and sometimes use your head to balance.
You can wave hello, scream with delight when you know you've done something good, drink out of a sippy cup, and you still fall asleep anywhere we lay you.  I think that's the best trick of all!
You have 2 teeth and seem to be working on 2 more.  You are in 12 month and some 18 month clothing.  People notice how big you are, but they also notice how sweet and content you are.  Several of our friends are having babies this month and they've all hoped to have a "Weston baby" because you are so easy!
Dad and I left for a few days to go see Aunt Joy and Uncle Scott in their new place in Knoxville.  Nana and Papa stayed with you and your brother.  You did great and had special bonding time with Nana and Papa.
Did I mention I've coerced you into snuggling?  I couldn't help it.  You are too sweet not to be snuggled.  You like to be held and hold on tight to my arm.  You give great hugs and kisses and have such a tenderness about you. 
Weston, I pray daily God would capture your heart at a young age.  I pray He would develop a deep affection and friendship between you and your brother.  I pray God gives your Dad and I the grace and wisdom to parent you well.  We love you so much, buddy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emery's Birthday

Man, these kids are CUTE.  Emery and Luke gave us this impromptu photo session at Emery's 3rd Birthday party. They're expressions say it all!  They are too cute together!!!

 Such sweet kids!!

 love this little guy!

Our attempt at a family photo....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Smith Visits!

I never put any of these pics up on the blog.  Let's reminisce, shall we?

Smith Family, May 2011
Still in the townhouse...

Ohhh, baby Luke.

Smith Family visit to our new house and to meet baby Weston (not pictured... um ya)  
October 2012
Also, this is Luke's first black eye.

Smith Family Visit, June 2013! 
Just a few pics from the Frist Museum

Weston, again not pictured... and Luke is sick
So... we need to do a little better with the pictures.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weston's crawling!

While you have been scooting around for a little over a month, we caught your first real crawl on video at Nana and Papa's house on Father's Day!  About a week after you turned 10 months.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Weston, 10 months

Dear Weston,

Another fun month just flew by.  Summer has officially started and we have taken full advantage of the pool already.  So far, you are all about the water.  Laughing and splashing your hands and feet with so much joy.  You remind me so much of Luke in your little bathing suit.  (It's the one Luke wore when he was your age).  You two are looking more and more alike.
Your little personality continues to expand as you interact with us, giving us kisses and mimicking our laugh.  You are such a lover.  You love to nuzzle your head on things.  You nuzzle my face and give me open mouth kisses on the cheek.  It is precious!  You love Luke and love it even more when he lets you pull on him and tackle him.  You giggle and scream when you see Daddy walk in the room.  You love to be thrown high in the air and give your best belly laugh at the height of the throw.  You also love to try and give kisses to Grant!  I am so glad you guys get to grow up together!
I love watching you figure out how to crawl.  We are still waiting for you to figure out how to use those legs to move yourself forward! You are so close!  I have a feeling food will be the motivator.  I have already put some puffs a couple feet away from you and you've figured out how to roll and maneuver your way over to them every time :).
You can pick up both your feet from the sitting position and balance on your bum.  It is so funny looking and also pretty impressive!!

I haven't gotten a good picture of your teeth yet!  This month you've cute 2 teeth on the bottom.  True 
to form, we barely knew you were teething!  You had a few fussy moments, but really you were so brave, we didn't even know the second one was on it's way!

Your Dad and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the same day you turned 10 months!  Such a special day!  We have learned so much about marriage this year.  God is not allowing your Dad and I to stay in the same place.  He is calling us to grow in love, in service, in forgiveness, and I think even in laughter :).  Marriage is hard work, but it's the best kind of work.  I hope you are able to see God's work through watching how your Dad and I love each other.

You just continue to bring light and joy to our family.  I love watching you do anything, Weston because it's most always with a smile and a content spirit.  There's not much else to say except you are a true blessing in our home.

I love you so!


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