Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dear Weston, 7 months

Dear Weston,

You are so lovable.  Aunt Joy got one of the few true snuggles you give and I'm not gonna lie, I was slightly jealous. While you only give long snuggles on special occasions, you continue to be the most content little baby I have ever met.

You are such an observer yet still want to be right in the mix with everyone.  Dad and I have taken you along on many dates because you just hang out in your car seat quietly watching the scene go on around you.  This easy going personality is wonderful, but it seems to cause you to be a little behind in some ways.  For instance, you are still not rolling over.  You are so content to lay on your back and watch what is happening that you could care less if there is a multitude of toys on either side of you just waiting for you to grab.  All in good time buddy, I am in NO rush for any of your "babyness" to hurry along.

When you're at home with Luke and I your number one favorite place to be is your jumper.  You are all about that jumper. It doesn't have the best shocks on it, or best bounce for that matter, in fact it makes a squeaky noise every time you jump!  None of that matters to you because you LOVE to jump.  Ever since you tried out that toy you think you can jump anywhere anytime.  

You don't often sit on our laps anymore, you need to stand up and jump.  When I hold you walking around the house you move your body up and down just waiting for me to put your feet flat somewhere.  During tummy time you crank your legs up and down showing off your best "air" jump.  However, this motion has you moving backwards instead of forwards.  We've got jumping down, but crawling still seems to be quite a ways off for you... (I couldn't be happier about that btw :)

Part of why I love the baby stage so much is because I can hold you and squeeze you whenever I want.  You are so tender and sweet that it makes me just want to eat you up!  Your little hand often reaches up to gently touch my face and hair when I hold you.  You smile when anyone looks at you.  You give your loudest and longest laugh to Luke. When Dad gets home from work not only does he get a running jump-hug from Luke, but he gets huge smiles, jumps, and squeals from you.  I know it makes his day just as much as it makes mine.

You were dedicated to the Lord on Sunday February 24th, 2013 along side your cousin, Grant.  What a special day it was.  What a blessing it is to have family and friends who are doing life with us on a weekly basis.  What a blessing it is to have family and friends who love God and who are attempting to live their lives for His glory.

You are such a gift to us baby boy.  We want you to know, our goal is not to raise Godly children, but to be Godly parents.  We know more of life is caught than taught, so we pray God teaches us, shapes us, and gives us all the grace we need to be Godly parents for you and your brother.  We've already failed miserably in so many ways but God's story for you is to be redeemed back to Him.  We know He has the ability to use us despite our mistakes to get right to your heart.  I pray you are able to see His love for you always, no matter how bad your Dad and I mess up.  He is your Heavenly Father, Weston and no one loves you more.

I love you!


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