Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Weston, 5 months

Dear Weston,

What a fast and furious 5th month we've had with you.  A trip to Michigan for Christmas.  A few days home for our family Christmas.  A trip to Ohio for Grandma Kayser's funeral.  A trip home and then a week full of Kayser family Christmas. It's been busy, emotional, sad, tiring, and fun all wrapped into one month.  Everywhere we went, you were your sweet content self.  Never fussing, sleeping where ever we laid you, eating, laughing, and smiling like we never disrupted anything for you.  What a blessing you were to have with us through all of it.

We've noticed lately you really enjoy laying on your play-mat and grabbing your toys.  Your favorite toy of the moment is your yellow lion that has a crinkly tummy. You've rolled over twice from back to tummy during playtime, but that's it so far. You take 2-3 naps during the day.  Most of the time I just lay you in your crib and you fall right asleep. I try to cuddle you to sleep, but you really prefer to just be laid down.  I'll give it up..... eventually:).

You and I both LOVE bath time.  You are absolutely a doll when you get in your whale tub!  You are continuing to drool and drool and drool.  It's tough to keep up with bib and outfit changes for you!  Your delicate skin has taken a beating this winter.  We've had to keep you lathered up with lotion and even had to get a prescription from the doctor for some red cracked areas on your body.... poor baby!

Let's see, we are still working on tummy time.  You are getting stronger every week.  Just so you know, I'm in no rush for you to start crawling.

We've figured out quickly, you're at your happiest when you're right where everyone else is.  That being said, we've picked the center of the table for your honored spot during dinner.  You love to watch your brother eat... he does it so well.  Take a lesson from him Weston, he eats and eats and tries everything!  So far you are slightly more picky than your brother was at this age.  I have to watch what I eat or you definitely notice a difference and refuse to finish a meal with me.

You continue to disobey my request to stop growing....  you are in 6 months clothing literally about to bust out.  Next week I predict 6 months will be put away and 9 month clothing is here to stay (for a moment).  You are sleeping through the night and waking up between 5:30-6:30am to eat.  You fall asleep right after you eat for several more hours.  When you wake up for the morning you are so smiley and squishy.  I squeeze you and squish you, knowing full well if you could talk you would say, "Mooooom...  Stop it!"  I just drink in all your sweet squishy baby deliciousness.  I can't help myself.  

Your content nature and joyful spirit gives me a boost everyday, sweet boy.  I pray God continues to develop a spirit of contentment in you and a joyful heart.  Your sweet spirit causes me to be mindful of my own contentment and joy.  What a gift you are to me.
I love you so much, Weston!


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