Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Caution: You're about to see CLUTTER

Confession: My pantry is ridiculously embarrassing.   
Granted it is the tiniest closet possible to house all things pantry, but my organization skills are admittedly lacking.
Here is an embarrassing picture of my very messy tiny closet pantry
Woah! Scary.

and here are some beautiful pantries that I hope to use as inspiration.   Some day I might have more than a tiny closet to house my pantry items and someday I might buy coordinating food, appliances, and kitchen ware to make it look even more sparkly and beautiful (YA RIGHT).  Go ahead, take a gander and you too might get inspired to clean and organize your tiny closet pantry.
(don't hold your breath for an after picture of my pantry... you'll probably be dead before you see it)


What is your favorite item or organization in your kitchen/pantry?


  1. A few things:
    1. Hilarious that you just posted about this because I totally cleaned out my pantry tonight.

    2. While those pantries are AMAZING, who buys all matching food/snacks?!?! If you become that OCD we need to talk.

    3. Your pantry makes me smile because it tells me how much time you spend cooking, cleaning and loving on your precious family. And it makes me want to grab a yummy snack outta there.

    4. I LOVE YOU! (And secretly wish my pantry looked like the first pic you posted.)

  2. i'm convinced that those other pantries are not used by humans.

  3. the picture with everything in mason jars is my favorite. it's been in my inspiration folder for a while. i'll be way jealous if you can pull it off!

  4. Jenn- that comment gave me the biggest smile! Thanks!
    Rachel- I agree. Just proves I am undeniably a very messy human
    Sarah- I will never pull off the mason jar pantry unless someone GIVES me 500 mason jars.



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