Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recently I'm...

stacking- mounds and mounds of diapers and wipes! The closet can only hold so many :)

making- whatever is in the fridge- tonight bertolli pasta and crescent rolls... not very healthy, but at least it's wheat pasta right? Also, have I mentioned how much I love crescent rolls?

to do- LOTS of laundry. I just realized I have to wash all these clothes before baby Hoff can wear them (something I never do when I buy something new for myself ). I have anally separated the baby clothes by months and I am starting with the newborn tonight and moving up in size from there.

amazed- at my husband's photo abilities. He is so good!

searching- for the perfect glider. Any suggestions out there?

excited- About making these! I can't believe I have all the ingredients. YUM!!!

experiencing- braxton hicks... my doctor said they shouldn't be that painful- hmm.. I better toughen up before the big day.

watching- Biggest Looser, LOST, and GLEE :) Thank goodness for DVR because those are all on at the same time!

love/hate- this spring weather. The temperature is divine. The pollen is is not!

grateful- God has blessed us beyond belief! I am so grateful for all our family and friends.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers

Well April has been a busy and exciting month for Baby Hoff and soon to be parents. We have literally been showered with gifts! First an awesome "diap and wipe" shower from my Hospice co-workers and then 2 fabulous showers in Michigan with family and friends. Our living room looks like the Target baby section threw up in it. We would be ideal candidates for that new show about hoarders. We have piles of baby stuff everywhere only with carved out paths to the couch and bathroom. A little scary, but at the same time these piles are an overwhelming reminder of how much love we have received. We have been loved on so much by so many people and I am AMAZED at the generosity and genuine excitement for our new arrival by others. God is so good. Here are a few snapshots from said showers....

Diapers and Wipes from the Hospice shower... you can see what my house looks like now :)
Great friends from the Holland Shower Dan and Kaylee

Eric's beautiful sisters and neice Macy- hostessess of the Jackson shower :)

Annie and Allison my college buds.

Some more of my beautiful friends

Annie made the beautiful bag I am admiring in this pic.
You can shop her store on etsy here... Warning, you will want to buy!

Baby Bump pic... growing!

This is baby Hoff and I at 28 in a half weeks :)


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