Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My new friends

 Guess who I met?
Hello Sheryl Crow
My husbands biggest crush, Kimberly Williams Paisley
and of the sweetest figure skater of them all, Scott Hamilton

I sat right behind them and all three are apparently friends :).  Cheryl Crow said my Lukey is adorable and tickled his tummy! :)  Nashville sure has some fun perks! And, no I did not bust out my phone and ask for a picture.  I wanted to play it cool in front of my new friends when I gave them my phone number.


  1. I'm so jealous that you met Scott Hamilton! What a classic. Did he do a backflip for you? :)

  2. AWWWWWEsome! Way to keep cool...I would have totally said something about farts or boobs.

  3. hahaha! Oh Jeanette- I love you!
    Rachel- I so remember that he was the first skater to do a back flip as apart of his routine... good lookn' out!



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