Saturday, November 6, 2010

Recently I'm...

Procrastinating- Packing.  I am refusing to pack. 

Watching- My husband pack.  He seems to be more realistic about the fact that me are moving in T-minus 3 weeks.

Feeling- Sad.  As I write this, my husband is packing up all my baking stuff.  He is forcing me to take an Annie's Eats break and I am already feeling the cold sweats and shakes coming on.

Making- My Christmas list.  As usual, my older sister has posted her amazing Christmas list and demands that everyone have theirs ready by October.  I have failed this year yet again.

Loving- How Luke buries his little head in my arm pit when he is ready to go to sleep... so adorably silly.

Realizing- I no longer care about disgusting things like puke and poop.  The other day Luke was about to vomit all over my sister and I just reached my hand out and caught it all.  

Officially- A mom.  See above statement.

Buying- this and this.  I am so excited for Luke's 1st Christmas.

Wondering- Will I ever get an uninterrupted nights sleep again?  Moms out there, is there any hope?

Working on- A list of what I am thankful for.  Such a good exercise I don't do often enough.  


  1. Uninterrupted nights sleep? I still haven't had that - oh wait, Justin and I went out of town this weekend by ourselves and I didn't have to get up...but I still woke up everytime Coleman would have been up. =) Hang in there...I'm hopeful it will happen in the near future

  2. I PROMISE you will get a full nights sleep again, when you are in that period of life it sure doesn't seem like it will ever happen. I creep on your blog (yup openly). Hoping all the changes in your life go as smoothly as possible.

  3. thanks for the comment Stephanie! Good to hear from you!

  4. Love your blog, Melissa! Had to chuckle about catching vomit. Still clearly remember doing that with cheesy potatoes when Christian was about 3 years this day, he avoids cheesy potatoes! Buckle up, my friend, before you know it, your little boy will be picking out a college and insisting you buy a "West Point Mom" t-shirt! Yep, that's where we're at in life now. It's great! So excited for your family to be moving to the Nashville area for this wonderful new adventure God has designed for you. Love you!

  5. thanks Jennifer! Man we miss you guys! I can't believe Christian is about to embark on the college journey. I am OLD!



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