Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Luke, 5 months

Dear Luke,

This month has been... rough. 
To begin with, you had your 4 month check- up with the doctor in which she poked you 5 times and gave you one oral vaccination.  You were brave and I cried longer than you did.  FYI- this is just one of the many things I'll do that you'll find embarrassing.
You started teething this month.  You put absolutely everything in your mouth, you drool buckets, you are clingy, and you no longer sleep through the night.  I think we all need a big nap *sigh* after that sentence.  For at least a week straight you've woken up every 40 minutes screaming your head off.  We have given you Tylenol, but it hasn't seemed to help too much. Only this past week have you seemed to come back to your old content self (still no teeth).
Another trick you got down this month is rolling over.  You started rolling over last month, but this month you really got the hang of it.  You still only roll from tummy to back, but I know you'll have both ways conquered soon enough.  In these photos you are showing off your mid-roll/break dance/keeping toy in mouth move.   You so tricky.
You have mastered the mysterious art of pooping out of your diaper.  There have been more up-the-back incidents this month than I can count.  My favorite and most disgusting episode was when you were in your exersaucer.  When you...  went...   It was SO loud!  You gave me a silly grin to let me know-" it's a big one mom".  I checked your back because the force in which it came made me believe there was no way your diaper held it all in.  Much to my surprise there was nothing there, so I let you continue to play for a few more minutes.  When I took you out to change your diaper it wasn't until I saw you grab your feet that I realized-  It was all down your leg, completely covering both socks, and now on your hand.  GROOOOSS!!!!  After I cleaned you up and bathed you I checked the exersaucer and saw the puddle-o-poo you left at the bottom.  Luke, I feel the need to clue you in on something you may not know- That. Is. Nasty.

This month you have taught me something new about God's love.  I have never known the incredible love a parent has for their child until I had you.  I know God loves us infinitely more than I love you but, here is the amazing part of that- I can't even imagine it.  I love you that much and God loves you that much more.  Which leaves me to ponder what God must feel about me, about you, about all of his children.  "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8
Can you understand this kind of love?  I am learning more about it all the time.  Being your mom truly gives me a new perspective on God's love for you and for me.  And it's pretty amazing.  Just another reason why you make life so cool.



  1. Luke is so lucky to have you for his mom! He is going to treasure these letters someday! What a lucky boy!

  2. Okay, so I laughed AND cried a little in this post. Melissa, you are an amazing mother. Miss you but love keeping up on your blog!

  3. I laughed so hard! Love you! Love Luke, can't wait to see you soon!

  4. Wow, Melis! I hadn't thought about/pictured how poop comes up their little backs for su-uch a long time. You've brought back a memory for me. I think we called those "blow outs" back in the day.

    I liked your emphasis in :)

    kiss Luke for me



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