Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to sell a House... anyone?

Well, this weekend we had 3 people come and look at our house.  This might seem like a small number to most, but it was a grand improvement from the ZERO we had last weekend.  Selling a house is some stressful stuff fo reals.  You know why?  I'll tell you why....
1. You always have to make it look like it's the most immaculate place ever in which no one lives.   Except we do live in it and there is always crap everywhere.  I have a baby and a husband both of which do not pick up after themselves.  Ok that was out of line, I just called my baby out on the internet.  I apologize.
2. Every Saturday we begin the long drawn out process of deep clean (in which my husband helps tremendously:).  I am still shocked at how much there is to do at the end of every week and I am equally as shocked at how clean our house can be after said deep clean.
3. Trying to decipher whether or not the people walking through our house are actually serious buyers or just curious passerby's.  Today after one of the "passerby's" finished the tour she said, "I LOVE your house!  It is decorated so nicely! You did a great job staging it."  Ooo.. she got me with that last comment.  Was she trying to say, I watch HGTV too and I know your tricks? *sigh*  I even baked fresh chocolate chip cookies (which she ate).  I am trying everything people.  Well, keep us in your prayers as we continue this house selling journey.  We hope it will be a smooth and short experience. :0)


  1. i can TOTALLY relate melis! we were so lucky that we only had our house on the market for 2 months before it sold, and i hope you have the same experience, but it was a LOOONNNGG 2 months trying to keep everything tidy (especially with our cat who enjoys tracking litter and food all over the house!). don't worry - we only had around 8 people come look at it in 2 months so all it takes is ONE buyer! call me if you want to discuss this process :)

  2. It only takes one person, and your Lord already knows who it is. You may have built that house to meet someone's need that we can't even imagine today. I love you both and I will continue to pray that you will be able to embrace the hand of God as you lean into your faith. All of the homes we have sold, always push us back to the very beginning...Proverbs 3:5-6...the first verse of scripture I ever learned.

    Love you...Dad
    Can't wait for your family to live here.

  3. Oh Melissa, I can totally relate! We just put our house up about 3 weeks ago and every weekend it's the same ritual... wake up Saturday morning and deep clean before the first showing... blah, blah, blah...
    And then to read the feedback from people is unreal - some people love it and some people hate it (which really upsets me) but what can you do?! Like you dad said, it only takes one buyer! I know you're kind of in a hurry to sell... I'll keep you in my prayers. As for us, my mother-in-law is an agent and put our house on the market just to see if it would sell... so we really have no reason to move (which makes this process even more annoying)! Anyway, good luck with everything... I'll be thinking about you!

    Amber Sweda

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate the support!



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