Thursday, February 10, 2011

winter blues

Yes, even us southern folk are experiencing gray, cold, wintery days that are unusual for this time of year.  Normally, we'd be experiencing sunny 40-50 degree weather in February.  But alas, it is 19 degrees outside and snowing.
These wintery blues leave me feeling restless.  My house is still unfinished and very cold!  I would like to purchase a few items for my home to help get myself out of the funk I am currently in.  Shopping helps me.  Buying things for my home is especially helpful.   
I have been on the hunt for a distressed wooden tray for my buffet table... I like these but I'm still hunting.
I also need some lighting.  The house we are currently renting does not have a fixture for the dining area.  Very dark indeed.  I would possibly like one of these to hang over my dining room table.

I guess since I don't have any money to spend I could try this one.  
DIY I saw on Design Sponge I think I could attempt...  with probably laughable results.
My winter blues talkin' again.
What are some things you do to get out of your winter depression?


  1. Take Luker to a mommy/baby swim class! It will be warm inside (like in the summertime) and you'll both have fun! Coleman and I are doing one in March. We would do it in Feb...but the age limit was 8 months.

  2. I medicate the same way you do Meliss. I went and bought the lamps I wanted for our bedroom today. :) There's just something about seeing something new in the home that brightens my day.

    The other thing that brightens my day is having my family come to Sock Hop and NHA!! :) That was awesome.

  3. melissa, i love the first tray that you posted. also, do you ever go to antique shops (i know they aren't for everybody)? they usually have really cool, funky wooden trays that are pretty cheap. i'll bet you would have a lot of options in nashville.

  4. Today when I went to the gym, I looked at the gym floor and the treadmills, stairsteppers and elipticals weren't doing it for me. I needed something different, a pick me up. There was a class starting called group groove. It was a dancing aerobics class. I felt ridiculous at first and like I was back in high school shaking my booty. But once I got into it, it was really FUN! That is what cured my winter blues today!

  5. GREAT ideas everyone! Kelly-I think I am going to do a swim class with LUke. My sis is doing one with her 3 yr. old and it sounds so fun!
    Sarah- I am ashamed to admit but I have yet to purchase something from an antique store. But, I am way more into now that I realize there are so many DIY treasures out there.
    Jenn- I would love to do the Group Groove but, I would only love it if I were doing it with YOU.



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