Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's birthday was January 30th and we finally celebrated it last night over dinner and dessert with my family.  Even my sister and brother-in-law from Michigan were at the dinner table via Skype! :)  Gotta love technology.  My Mom has given me so much, but one of things I am most grateful for is her example of true servanthood.  I can appreciate her sacrifice even more now that I am a mom and I am so grateful for her example in my life.  She is a beautiful, joy-filled woman you can't help but want to be around.  God's light is never hidden in her smile.  We are so blessed to have her and I am so thankful for her friendship.
I love you so much mom, Happy Birthday!!!


  1. You put it beautifully Melissa. "God's light is never hidden in her smile." you are so right



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