Monday, October 4, 2010

eat'n gators

Last Saturday Eric, Luke, and I went to Johnny and Kim's tailgate to cheer on Bama against the Florida Gators.  Bama ended up demolishing Florida in what surprisingly proved to be a not-so-exciting game.  
(Johnny and Kim.. aren't they cute :)

 Bama fans and Florida fans were decked out in full-gear to support their favorite team.  We saw Gator fans dragging stuffed Elephants behind their cars and Bama fans yelling "Roll Tide" as loud as they could as Florida fans strolled by.  But I was shocked, I mean SHOCKED when I saw....... 

GIANT real-life-Alligator being grilled for some down-home-country-eat'n on the Quad.  I apologize profusely that there is not a picture to support such a grotesque image but if you know Bama fans, I doubt you are the least bit surprised.  The tailgate we happened to visit, much to my shock and horror, was also serving Gator.  Not in full-body form thank goodness, but never the less alligator legs- just hangin' out on the table- ready to eat. 
(Eric, developing a taste for gator)

Yes, I tried an alligator leg this past Saturday and I'm proud to say it.  I got caught up in the hype what can I say?  Actually, I only took a bite because I couldn't get over the fact that it was an Alligator.   Eric on the other hand, enjoyed an entire leg.  He said it tasted just like chicken.... but chewier. (ewe.)   
(fat and happy after eat'n some gator)

(The people who always make our lives.... interesting :)

ROLL TIDE!!!!!! 

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  1. Wow! Not surprised that Eric ate an alligator, but still a little shocked that you did Melis! You guys look like Alabama natives in these pictures.



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