Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Luke, 4 months

Dear Luke,

This last month has been what I like to call "the magic month".  I call it that because your little personality has just magically appeared, as if almost overnight  You are a non-stop-smiling-machine.  It doesn't even take any ridiculous effort on the part of your dad or I anymore.  Although, unfortunately- we are still ridiculous.... hmmm?  You are just undeniably happy.  We love to show you off.  Strangers and friends alike can share in your contagious smile.  The other night you woke up at 4am.  You weren't crying, but I could hear a lot of rustling going on from the monitor so I got up to check on you.  I found you on your back holding your feet, playing and cooing.  When you saw that I was looking down at you, you gave me this silly grin.  It made me laugh out loud, even at 4 in the morning!  Unfortunately, that laugh I let slip out made you think it was time to be awake and play, thus ensuing another 2 hours of happy awake time.

Just this last week you have seemed to find your voice.  Up until now you have been a rather quiet baby- when you're not crying that is.  You are good at exercising your lungs when you're upset, but really those times are few and far between.  We can almost see the surprise on your face when you let out a big sigh or coo.   It's like you realized you made that noise.  It melts our hearts every time we hear that sweet voice of yours.

This month you've tried out all your toys.  You like your play mat, Bumbo, bouncy, jumper, swing, and exersaucer.  We were surprised at how well you did in all of them.  You are one strong kid!  You can hold your head up so well and you continue to use those chunky legs of yours to stand tall.  You are still too small for most of the things we put you in, but with a little extra padding from blankets you fit alright.  We LOVE to watch you in the jumper.  You look so tiny in there, but you are so good at spinning around and hitting the toys. 
(this picture just makes me laugh!)
This month has also brought a lot of change for our family.  Your dad has accepted a new position in Nashville TN at Fellowship Bible Church.  We are moving.  I can't believe it.  We have been in Tuscaloosa over 3 years and we thought we would be here for quite a bit longer. While there are many exciting things about this move, there are also some very difficult things to say goodbye to here.  This place is very special to your Dad and I.
It's the place where we've been married the longest and have grown as a married couple.
Where we have made wonderful friendships.
Bought and built our first home. 
Where we decided to try and have a baby.
Where we became parents!
Where you were born.
It's the place where we brought you home to the nursery we lovingly prepared for you.

We have been unbelievable blessed in Tuscaloosa.  It has been a beautiful journey with the people here and we are so grateful.  Something I have learned in my short life is that although change can be so hard- it's always good.  It's always good because it forces us to rely on God as we face the unknown.  And that is such a gift because it gives us the opurtunity to increase our faith.  And you know what Luke?  God always proves to be faithful.  Always.

I love you always,


  1. Melissa - you are such a wonderful mom! Luke is going to LOVE reading these when he is older. How special for him! Congrats on the new job and move for your family! Excited for you and hope to see you maybe during the holidays!

  2. so sweet melis! what a beautiful expression of your love for luke. thanks for sharing!



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