Sunday, June 20, 2010


I would like to make a list of all the things I am ready to say goodbye to in this 10 month pregnancy. Hopefully in just 8 short days (or LESS) this list will be a faint memory and I will be holding the miracle that made it all worth it. :) I can't wait!

Goodbye unwanted comments from silly people- I never knew I would literally have to hold back from slapping someone

Goodbye silly hormones- Once you made me cry so hard I think I hyperventilated

Goodbye raging acid reflux- you will not be missed

Goodbye swollen ankles and feet with a distinct sock line at the end of the day- I have never wanted my shoes off more

Goodbye itchy belly- you made a "lotion hater" have to lather up several times a day

Goodbye (I hope) chipmunk cheeks- You make me look like I am storing up nuts for the winter

Goodbye sleepless nights- Oh wait I don't think I can say goodbye to that. Ok, Goodbye sleepless nights due to being very uncomfortable and having to get up to pee all the time

Goodbye stabbing lower back pain- I HATE you.

Goodbye tiny bladder- You made it very very difficult to walk and not run to the bathroom

Goodbye silly pregnancy waddle- It will be so nice to have a normal center of gravity again

Goodbye mush brain- I have never had to go back to the store for the same thing so many times

Goodbye extra baby weight- I HOPE to have you off before my sister's wedding in August (YIKES) so I can zip up that bridesmaids dress

Goooooooooood bye!

Please do share you goodbye list! :)


  1. I am so excited for you!!! Cannot wait to see pictures of Luke on here soon :-)

  2. Agreed with the waddle, hormones, and sleeping!

    Goodbye nesting instinct to clean everything...I'm ready for a break!

  3. Goodbye to the three remaining maternity shirts that still cover the entire belly but are way beyond worn- you make me want to go shopping and then loathe spending money on something i can only wear for a little longer.

    so close melis! praying god uses this time to prepare your heart and mind for mommying baby luke!

  4. Amen Lyndsey! My clothes are definitely in rotation and even I am tired of looking at them!

    Goodbye to going to the pool daily because it's the only place I feel weightless and wonderful but yet get many stares and probably shouldn't be there.

    Goodbye to the many extra pillows in my bed.

    Goodbye to sleeping by myself since my poor husband couldn't handle my toss and turns...not to mention the grunts I have to make to roll out of bed to pee or turn over!

    Goodbye to not being able to get down on the floor with my little girl to play because I can't get back up.

    Goodbye to my beloved Sunkist I enjoy daily made into a slush because you will have way to much caffiene once my babies come out.

    Goodbye to losing my breath even for short walks around my house...I have never felt so out of shape!

    Goodbye to numb fingers because of carpal tunel developing in my are NO fun!!

    Goodbye to this huge and uncomfortable body I have...I can't wait to have mine back and feel normal again!!!!

    Sadly I could keep going probably! :) Thanks for this Melissa! It was pretty therapeutic!

  5. Goodbye cool shelf to rest my drink and cereal bowl on. I will miss you for that purpose.

    Goodbye calls and texts from everyone when you're more than 1 day overdue. I will NOT miss you~



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