Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Year in Review

Today Eric and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary together. It's strange how time melts into one big puddle feeling like events happened just days ago and at the same time seemingly years ago. So much has happened in this last year of marriage it's hard to remember it all. Most of this past year has been consumed with thoughts baby and I know this is just the beginning of that. It's been fun to prepare together for parent-hood and sobering to finish up our last year of "just us".

This morning Eric and I woke up early to celebrate our anniversary by heading over to the wonderful "country store".... Cracker Barrel. :) We decided to do an early morning breakfast together before heading off to work. The breakfast began by reminiscing about the highlights of this past year. We remembered the moment we thought we were pregnant and the moment we found out we were actually pregnant. We remembered great vacations to places like Chattanooga and Georgia. Visits to Michigan to see family and friends. Celebrating our first Christmas in our first home together. Transforming the office into what is now the nursery. We thought about how much God has blessed us this past year with great friendships and a wonderful church family.

Then Eric brought out two pieces of paper with the headings:
"What we want to do as husband and wife this next year" and
"What we want to do as parents with baby Hoff this next year"

I won't bore you with all the details of those lists, but I can tell you I am excited about all we hope to accomplish together in this next year. I am so very blessed to have Eric for my Husband. He inspires me and challenges me almost daily. I admire him for how he lives his life and for the discipline he has to grow in his walk with the Lord. Eric is an eternal optimist and I love that about him. There is always a rainbow at the end of his rainstorms and I cannot tell you how comforting that is. I cannot wait to see him as a father and I know that he and this son of ours will have me rolling on the floor with laughter more often than not. I will never have enough time with him because he always leaves me wanting more. Here is to another wonderful year with you babe. I love doing life with you.

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