Friday, June 4, 2010

Maternity Pics

My very talented husband took some Maternity pics last night with the help of my good buddy Jessica, who I featured in the previous post for her birthday celebration. I am almost 37 weeks in these pics. Baby Hoff will be here any time now......


  1. You look so cute! I love those pictures. Still waiting on the nursery pics!!! And send me those swatches! Please!

  2. nursery pics coming soon :) Just waiting on one more piece of furniture to come in the mail. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow!

  3. beautiful melis! thanks for sharing those precious pics. you are adorable and both eric and your anticipation is evident. what a sweet memory to be captured!

  4. Wow! What incredible photos. Sadie and I loved looking at them together this a.m. We especially loved the b&w with you lying down on your side. We both said "awwww" in unison. :)

    My favorite, though, is the b&w with you looking at your tummy (Baby Luke L Hoff). The look on your face is almost holy. I think you should frame and hang in the nursery.

    Love you guys.

  5. Hi this is Sadie Klingenberg Melissa you look so adorable!! I can't take it.I miss you tons.I
    look up to you.You feel like a BIG SISTER to me.
    I Love you with all my Heart,and i always will.



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