Monday, June 14, 2010

Nursery Pics... Finally!

This post is for my sister Jenn who lives in Michigan and has not been able to see our nursery yet. There are still a few things out of place and pictures that need to be put in the frames, but overall, we are ready for Baby Hoff to make his arrival! Keep us in your prayers as we (especially me) are ANXIOUSLY awaiting his arrival.

Coming soon: beautiful painting from my
lovely sister Jenn above the crib :)

This adorable frog was hand made by a dear family friend
I LOVE him!
Quilt and bedding found at The Land of Nod

These fun curtains we found last minute at another one of my fav's

I hope you can picture the room a lot better now Aunt Jenn :) Love you!


  1. Love it!!! It looks so great! I feel like I just stepped into a magazine. Luke is a lucky little guy. I am praying for you everyday you are going to do great!

  2. So beautiful and filled with love for precious Baby Luke. It looks straight from Pottery Barn Kids with some Land of Nod mixed in. I can already picture you, sitting in the rocker, holding the Little Double L. :)

    Love you and am praying!




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