Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Luke, 12 months

It's hard to believe this was going on 1 year ago today!  I've found myself thinking a lot about what was happening this time last year.  When you were born, the cord was wrapped around your neck.  We waited and waited for you to cry for what seemed like an eternity.  When I heard you cry for the first time an incredible sense of relief and gratefulness swept over me.  I thank God for you every single day, Luke. We know how lucky we are to have you.  You are a beautiful, healthy, sweet baby boy.
I have realized what a privilege it has been to be home with you this year.  What a delight it has been to spend these precious and fleeting moments with you.  I have been able to watch every change, every new development, and have been there for most every smile.  My heart is so full with joy over you.
It's amazing to see how much you have grown this last month.  I'm pretty sure you have gained another pound as your non-picky pallet continues to expand.  You've gone from a rather quiet baby to a big talker.  We've taken quite a few road trips this month and you've kept yourself busy talking to yourself for at least an hour each time.  Your only understandable words are Hi, da da, and Mom.  Yes, you call me Mom. Not mama, not ma, it's a very clear mom.  You love to play with blocks, push anything across the floor, and of corse eat.  You are such an explorer.  You are curious about each button, speck on the floor, corner of a room, and pretty much any space or object that is in a 50 foot radius of you.  You have no fear and in fact, love it when we hide around a corner and jump out to scare you.  Your fearlessness can be a great quality Luke, but when it comes to jumping off our bed or going face first down the stairs, we'll be forced to reign it in to keep you safe.  You understand a lot of words and are getting better at obeying the 1st time when we tell you no.  You love to wear your sun glasses out and especially love all the attention it gets you walking from the parking lot into the grocery store.  It's incredible how quickly you went from taking 1 to 2 steps to toddling around the house.  There are now more things to be baby proofed!

You have given us more love than your Dad and I ever expected.  We look forward to seeing how the Lord develops your personality and character.  We pray your sweet spirit, curiosity, independence, and determination remain as you continue to change and grow.  We can't imagine life without you and we always want you to know how much you are LOVED.  Happy 1st Birthday Luke!
I love you so much!

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