Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh, it is ON!

Nothing like summer to kick-off backyard games into full competitive gear!  Eric and I have, shall we say, a "healthy" competitive spirit when it comes to all games.  We've found it best (for our marriage) to play on the same team instead of on opposing teams.  In fact on our honeymoon, we became the International Bocce Ball champions of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Our trophy?  Well that was a genuine bottle of Dominican rum and an ink-jet-printed-plastic-framed certificate.  The rum still sits in the cupboard to this day... 
we're quite proud.


Anyone else love these crazy games as much as Eric and I do? I'm warming up my tossing arm and heading out tonight with hopes of winning a Frisbee cup tourney.  Hope y'all get out there and enjoy all the crazy home-made ridiculous backyard games this summer.  You know we will be! 

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  1. Hey Melis! We are totally the same way. We keep the bocce ball set in our trunk at all times just in case we have to wait for something and an impromptu bocce game is needed. I don't think we have yet realized that being on the same team is best. We need to try that more! We're just a tid bit competetive as well ;)




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