Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

They're here!  

Anyone else feelin' me on this one?


  1. I'm feeling ya! These are my FAVORITE! I'm already on my 2nd bag since they came out. That is NOT good. I can't resist them!

  2. melis i didn't know you loved these too! i have a SERIOUS addiction. i've already plowed through two bags and i have to keep myself away from them in the store :). did you know they make these for christmas as well in the form of little balls? yum!

  3. Kendra...you should NOT have said anything about them being out during Christmas...now I'm done for!!

  4. Kendra, I LOVE these! I have been able to find them almost year round now but I try to only get them around the Holidays b/c... well you know, it could get a little out of control.



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