Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Luke, 8 months

Dear Luke,

SLOW DOWN!  I know, I say this in every letter, but this time I'm not referring to your growth.  You have been crawling for 2 months and this month you've become....  fast!  I often refer to you as the "bulldozer" when watching you travel from point A to B.  I have quickly learned it doesn't matter what is in your way- you will crawl over it, through it, and/or around it.  Did I mention you are fast?  
Yesterday while I was sitting on the couch I heard this strange noise.  I looked up to see the high chair moving all by it's self.  I jumped up from the couch and found you underneath it pushing the legs across the floor.  You are one busy kid.  Unfortunately for you, I have had to do many creative things to keep you contained in one area.  We have used all kinds of objects in an effort to barricade you in, most of which do not work.  You have become aware of this "barricade technique" and often get very frustrated when you notice what we're doing.
(first attempt at stair climbing)
This month you have climbed the stairs, ripped your mobile down from the side of the crib, and learned "Houdini magic moves"when getting your diaper changed.  You can twist, turn, and backbend out of ALL diaper changes.  It is pretty incredible.  You are babbling a lot more this month, screaming, and saying da da da and blah bleh blah with your tongue out- that one always makes us laugh.  You give Dad a HUGE smile when he comes home from work and chase me down with your fastest crawl when you want a snuggle.  You like to suck your bottom lip in when your just hanging out and puff your cheeks up with air when your getting ready to spit.  
You LOVE to explore the house and are curious about anything that crosses your path.  It seems the most interesting things to you are sharp corners, electrical wires, and outlets.  If any of these things are in the tri-county area you will find them in mere seconds.  Which leads me to our newest adventure.... discipline.  Although we love your curiosity and determination, there are some things we will simply not let you do..... 
In which case you said to us, "Welcome to Parenthood
And then we responded with, "Say hello to the word "No"  
I think you get the concept of "no" because most of the time when I say "No Luke"(in my most stern voice) you stop, look at me, usually smile, and then continue on with what you were doing.  I can see we might have a challenge ahead of us, so let's just get this out of the way now-  
Luke, I want you to explore, to try new things, even do some things that may make me nervous.  
Sometimes I will say no.  I'll say it for many different reasons, but right now all you need to know is I love you and I am doing what is best for you.  I know as you get older (like teenager older) we'll have more discussions about this word.  However, the main concept I want you to understand is: Mom said, "NO"so I will OBEY :).  If we can get this down early, life will be that much easier for both of us :).

This stage has been a lot of work, but so much fun!  One of the sweetest things I've ever experienced is when I come down the stairs in the morning.  As soon as you see me, your little body will crawl as fast as it can take you to my pant leg.  You do this adorable panting noise when you really get moving and ahhhh! It gets me every time!  I realize you won't always be scurrying to give me a hug, so I truly savor each and every time.  
These are such good days with you.  We are so blessed.  I love you so much sweet boy.
Big squeezes, 


  1. I can't believe how quickly his first year is going! Luke is such a precious little boy. I'm so glad he has parents that will help him to always stay precious. :) You are such a wonderful mommy Meliss!

  2. Can I eat him?! Seriously those cheeks look like the most delicious snack! I CAN NOT wait to SQUEEZE him soon! He is so cute!

  3. i cried reading this. what is wrong with me?!

    love, aunt pee-pee face:)



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