Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Things

I've been thinking of some things I use most everyday I'm really thankful to have.  
The items making this list have made life just a little easier.  
Here we go... Favorite Things Part I
The Flip cam.  We use this guy all the time.  Luke has lots and lots of video b/c it fits in my pocket and I can bring it anywhere.  It's great to have with me all the time just in case we have a moment that has to remain memorable. 
I know, the thought of mini vans conjures up all kinds of 
scary soccer mom stereo types.  
But wait! 
 Before you go there, consider the blissful CONVENIENCE of them.  I cannot tell you how much I love love LOVE the automatic doors.  My arms are always full of all things baby in addition to my actual baby, so the push of a button makes life oh-so-easy when getting ready to go.  I could tell you many other things I love about the mini, but you'll just have to get one for yourself to understand. 
Don't be afraid... 
you'll LOVE it :)
The Chicco Key Fit car seat.  No I'm not paid to endorse this product, I am mentioning this guy because soon Luke will be moving onto the next size car seat and we will be saying goodbye to him.  This car seat is incredibly easy to use and I feel it made me that much more confident as a new mom because I could use it correctly!  It has traveled everywhere we've gone since Luke's first car ride home from the hospital.  Definitely a must have on this favorites list.
PUFFS!  The snack of champions.  Admittedly, Luke has had all kinds of puffs- organic and non-organic.  He LOVES them and I love whoever thought of this genius food for little people with no teeth.
The Antilop Highchair from Ikea.  This was a gift from some sweet friends that already knew how cool this product was.  This is a GREAT travel high chair.  The legs come off and we have brought it to many places for meal time.  Right now it resides at Nana and Papa's house so baby Luke always has a seat at the table.  Perfect high chair for at home and on the go.
Mary Kay eye makeup remover.  When the only energy you have left before your head hits the pillow is  to brush your teeth and take off the only applied makeup of the day, it's nice to know this little product will do the trick quick.  No evidence left even after showering.  
She works well.

Please do share some of your favorite things!  
I would love to add to my list.

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree with your must haves!
    Some of mine are:

    Digital Camera - carry it in the diaper bag at all times!

    Moby Wrap - wish I had this when Coleman was an infant!



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