Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Luke, 7 months

Dear Luker,

You are on the MOVE!  6 months and 2 weeks you became mobile.  I literally had to convince your new doctor that you are in fact crawling- not army crawling, not scooting, but a true crawl.  When she finally believed us she responded by saying, "This is WAY early."  We thought so too!  You somehow look smaller to me now that you are crawling.  Probably because you are too small to be doing it.  You are in the 25th percentile in height and weight at a mere 25 inches tall and 16 lbs, respectively.   If you start walking at only 25 inches tall it might be some sort of Guinness Book of World Record.  Not a dare or a challenge (in case you took it that way).
About 3 days after you started to crawl you began to pull yourself up to standing.  I believe you see my legs as your personal obstacle corse, making a bee-line towards them whenever they are in your sights.  You are also on the hunt for any object slightly above your head to pull yourself up on.  This makes you much more accident prone!   Chasing you around the house trying to catch you when you are about to fall helps me burn a lot more calories these days.  So I guess this new skill has it's perks for me too :).
You are still doing a great job eating.  You have breakfast and dinner now and have no problems eating anything we put on the spoon.  We thought you didn't like peas, but that turned out to be a fluke because the next night we couldn't shovel it in your mouth fast enough.  I'm pretty sure you will be more than thrilled to find out you will be getting 3 square meals a day.  Which brings me to what's been going on with the other... end.  Oh dear.  Why?   Solid food make your diapers soooo ewe.  Funny story (you'll thank me for it later... probably)- last night we had our first Nashville dinner guests over and we were hoping they might become our friends.  However, after dinner we all took our spots on the living room floor watching you play... and wow.  When there was a break in conversation you decided to fill it with a not so pleasant sound or smell.  I don't know why, but I got red-faced for you.  You are one funny kid and you most definitely take after your Dad in that way.
You have battled sickness for almost this entire month.  You have a lot of slimy, crusty, gooey boogers..... all the time.  Which means your Dad and I have those precious little presents ALL over our clothes ALL the time.  Being a parent brings out the strange in your Dad and I.  We don't seem to mind that your boogers have become our new accessories.  Today, I found myself purposefully allowing you to wipe your nose on my shirt just for the satisfaction of seeing the snot off your face.
One of my favorite things to watch this month is your interest in your Dad.  You love to watch him do... well, anything.  You already have a love for music and always listen contently to anything we sing to you or play for you.  Now that you are crawling you love to stand up holding onto your Dad's knee while he plays the guitar for you.  It is SO ADORABLE.  I LOVE it.  I think you are going to continue to have a great appreciation for music as you grow.  I hope you have your Dad's drive to learn and master anything you are interested in.  Your Dad has an incredible thirst to learn, to try, and to do.  He has done a great job modeling this for me and he will for you too.  We are really lucky to have him, aren't we?
I still can't believe I was picked to be your mom.  You fill my heart so full until it overflows into a slightly uncontrolled squeeze to your little body... Sorry about that.  Even with all the love I have for you, being a parent can still be really tough.  It's horrible to see you sick, to stay up late into the night trying to soothe your poor sick self,  and to try to find the time to take a shower!  But the cool part about the hard part is.... God uses it for his glory.  He is using it to bring your Dad and I closer, to be more understanding of each other, and to serve each other.  He is using it to bring us to our knees when we are weak and when we are tired.  He always fills us back up and surprises us with grace every day.  Being a parent is cool in that way. Being your parent is cool in all ways.  

I love you Pica Boo,

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  1. Melissa,
    I am sitting in a hotel room in Moscow and i just read your blog. It made me smile. It made me excited to come home and see you all.It made me grateful to be your dad. Love you.



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