Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recently I'm...

Juggling-  Going to and from anywhere requires great focus as I am learning how to juggle- A diaper bag, my purse, baby Luke,  his car seat, his paci, his burp cloth, the blanket, my sunglasses, the keys, the car door, his stroller, the grocery cart (or buggy for you southerners) hand sanitizer, ect.  Its a work out for the mind as well as the body.

Starting- I WILL be starting my work out routine tomorrow.  I WILL!  
So it is written so let it be done.

Reading- Radical.  Our entire church is going through the book it's just taking me longer than most to get through it.  This book definitely makes me feel uncomfortable and forces me think about how I live out my faith.  Oh, and I've also managed to find time to pick up Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon :).

Very Messy- Please do not drop by unannounced because my house is NOT clean and it's even grossing me out.  

Guilty-  I have baked 2 packages of break n' bake cookies in the last week in a half and the only person I have shared them with is Eric.  That is a lot of cookies for 2 people.

Loving- Luke falling asleep on my chest this Sunday afternoon..... heaven.  

Shopping- I am attempting to rebuild a very sad wardrobe that has not had any attention paid to it in over a year.  So far I've bought an orange T-shirt and a pretty pink silk tank that I have nothing to wear with.  Off to a grrreat start.  *sigh*

Realizing-  Eric's birthday is in 1 week.... I have got to get the creative juices flowing for the soon to be 29 year old love my life.

Addicted to- Luke's video monitor.  As much as I protested that we would not use it- we did.  And... -I-love-it.  Luke T.V. is where it's at!  So entertaining and seriously reassuring.

So happy- My friend Lyndsey had a baby girl!!!


  1. "In the great green room, there was a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon"....

    Aah, the joys of "Good Night, Moon"... the first book I ever read to Mitchell. :)

    It's not thaaaaat many cookies, is it?! :)

    You will look beautiful in the pretty pink silk tank. Maybe just with jeans when it isn't stupid hot anymore. Will that happen before Thanksgiving??

    Love you so much. You're a fantastic writer and an even better Mommy to precious Luke... the smiley guy!

  2. the above smiling comment was from your you

  3. It's so hard to find time to work out when you have a baby. Don't be too hard on yourself. I didn't start a regular work out routine until Eli was almost a year old. It coincided with him sleeping through the night. Also, I used to keep an open bag of mini reese's peanut butter cups on the coffee table and MOW DOWN while Eli slept on my chest. It was very awesome/pathetic.

  4. I love reading your blog Melissa. It makes me feel like I know what's going on in your daily world...AND it always makes me laugh.



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