Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From Michigan to Alabama and back.

I have really been aching for my sisters.  Especially now that I have this precious bundle of joy, I really want him to be loved and spoiled by my sissies.  Well God has heard my sobs from my oh-so-far-away-home in Alabama and brought them to the ears of my sister-in-laws in Michigan!  YAY! 

Sara and Lora came to our little home in Alabama to give Luker some lovin' and me some serious sister-hood bonding.  I cannot tell you how nice it was to have them here.  When we picked Lora and Sara up from the B'ham airport Friday morning Luke was sleeping in his car seat in the back.  Lora and Sara immediately scrunched in the back seat for an up close and personal look at their new nephew.  Lora's eyes filled with tears and it just melted my heart!  It was so fun to see them with Luke- he LOVES his Aunts!  


Look at these amazing toys they MADE for Luke!  I have got to learn how to sew!

The weekend was full of games, laughter, food, DESSERT :), AND I even got a chance to get out of the house with the girls to see THIS movie.  Kinda weird, but- worth it to see Zac Efron.  I KNOW.... he is kinda young, but seriously CUUUTE :).  Not as cute as you though babe! ;)

Thank you Sara and Lora for making the financial sacrifice to come down for the weekend and see Luke.  We had a BLAST with you guys and cannot wait to see you again.

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