Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Weekend #1

Let me tell you, registering for a baby is NOTHING like registering for your wedding. Wedding registry, to me at least, was sheer bliss. Baby registry.... not so much.

There is a WALL of bottles people. A WALL. How the heck am I supposed to know which one of those bottles my baby will be using? No really, that was a real question so please respond in the comments section. Then there was an ENTIRE isle dedicated to breast pumps. Um, that goes where and does what? And how much did you say that was? Oh, only $275.00, just checking. Most of you are probably thinking at this point in the post, "Wow, she is not ready". And you're probably right, but to reassure you readers who are already scared for my unborn child, let me assure you- my mom will be coming when I have the baby.

After Eric and I meandered down every isle scanning who knows what- we finally finished. We looked at each other like, "I am overwhelmed AND this is all your fault!" And then the baby blankets and boppy pillows cleared, as if it were a sign from God, and we were drawn to the middle of the store. Oh sweet middle of the store. The clothes section!!!! (Cue heavenly music) We looked at each of these small items with such delight. We looked at each teeny tiny tennis shoe with wide eyes and giggles. So adorable, so small, so... trendy! We should have started there even though the registry people at the store say not to register for clothes or shoes or things like that because their inventory changes too quickly. I say BOO to that. We found our sanity again in the middle of the store. We couldn't help ourselves and it was just what we needed to remind ourselves how awesome baby Hoff is! Thank you adorable Carter t-shirts, your clever embroidered phrases made me grin from ear to ear. Thank you baby puma shoes, you made me want to squeeze your head off your shoes are so cute. Thank you onesie pajama outfits with animal feet, you even made my husband squeal with delight!

We've got one more store to register at and then baby weekend #1 will be coming to a close. Shout out to my sister and Eric's sisters for their guidance and support. They have helped so much when I have my melt downs over which bib is best. Also, just in case you were wondering (after this very sarcastic post) We truly are thrilled that we are having this baby boy and..... we really did find our sanity again in the clothes section :) .

Baby Bump pic to come soon!


  1. You are doing great!!! Soon you will get more baby stuff than you know what to do with...and you will be so grateful that you have it all!

  2. Born Free. I'm not pushy about many baby things, because everyone likes something different, but I've never heard of anyone who doesn't love the Born Free bottles.

    Now watch the next 10 commenters say that they hate them.

    I think you might be inspiring me to post about baby products that I love.

    As far as breast pumps go . . . I had the Ameda Purely Yours with Jack (hard to find anywhere but online) and the Medela $300 one with Ben. The Ameda is definitely a better pump. The Medela is BY FAR easier to tote around and much more user friendly on the go.

  3. And I know they tell you to not register for clothes, but I would rather have people know what I'd like them to choose from than go it alone, in some cases.

  4. crap, I didn't register for Born Free bottles. Guess I'll add those to the list :)

  5. i know what you mean melis, i get overwhelmed just walking into babies r us and trying to find items from a registry! i can't imagine trying to pick it all out for my own baby someday! i'm sure baby hoff will love whatever you picked out :)

  6. oh melis! do not be disheartened! the most important thing about being a mommy is that it has to work for you. you can find peeps who think co-sleeping is the only way to bond with baby, and those that say any second the babe is not abreast is a second wasted. none of it matters, it is what you and baby hoff need/love. you are gonna be such an amazing mom. you are nurturing, loving, gracious, and so beautiful.

  7. Hi Melissa:

    You really are quite a writer! Something I didn't know about you before and a wonderful thing to learn. It's a delight to me to read your blog. :)

    I laugh at your humor and am glad you can laugh, too. The most important thing Baby Hoff needs, he already has: a mommy and daddy who love Jesus, love each other, and love their sweet baby boy aka Baby Hoff.

    I'm sure the whole registry thing was quite overwhelming. Back in the stone age, when I was expecting Mitchell (going on 22 years ago!) we didn't even have baby registries. At least not that I knew about. And I wouldn't have known what to register for either!!

    You are going to be the absolutely best mom Baby Hoff could ever have: God chose you for each other.

    Love you.

  8. Hey Melissa!
    Your blog post popped up on my facebook home page, so I clicked. ;) Congrats on your pregnancy! Just thought I'd pass along some mama info...I checked with my insurance company before Joel was born, and they covered my breast pump at 90%!!!! So...I got the Medela. For $29. Nice! Best of luck as you welcome the new one!
    Amy (Evans) DeBoer

  9. ooo that's a great tip! Thanks Amy! Great to hear from you!



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