Friday, May 20, 2011

Recently I'm...

Searching for ideas for Luke's 1st birthday party.  Thanks to Pinterest I have a multitude of ideas.  The trouble is, they are all different.  So far I am toying with a music theme, animal theme, and outdoor theme.  I have already made these for the party- how do they fit in you ask?  Got me? But I do have a fun way to use them :)  

Nailing down vacation plans.  By the way, Thank You for your recommendations.  It got us even more excited about all the places we could explore.  We've nailed down a grand tour of the south, more details to come.

Making these because Rachel did, and they look too good not to bake immediately! :)

Excited about Eric's sister and her family coming to Nashville for their first visit!  So much to do. So little time.

Have you missed my rants about the delicious things I have tried lately?  Me too! ;) So let me introduce all you Nashville locals to Riff Burgers in Franklin.  Deliciously greasy- My favorite, their skinny onion rings.... MMMmmm.  My stomach is still making noises.

Heading to my very first rodeo on tonight!  Yeehaw!  I'm wearing my tightest jeans and my imaginary cowboy boots.... hmm?

I will be making MONKEY BREAD this weekend with my sweet niece and nephew, a morning tradition that cannot be broken.

Getting a spray tan.  Are you already nervous for me after reading that sentence?  I'll be honest, I've had one good experience and one BAD BAD BAD experience.  Let's just say it was similar to what happened to Ross from Friends when he decided to get a spray tan.  I know I am taking a HUGE risk, but I'm in a wedding and I am basically see-through right now.  If it's a choice between transparency and umpa lumpa, I figure one is not really worse than the other so it's worth the risk.  Let's hope for all who will be seeing me, I come out some-where in the middle.

Happy weekend!!


  1. Don't use "Mississippis" when you count during your spray tan. :)

  2. Oh, girl... good luck with the spray tan! :)

    Those cookies are divine. Enjoy!



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