Friday, May 6, 2011

A horse of corse

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend and the hype about it has intensified this year (I believe) because of the Royal Wedding hat fascination.  Admit it, you have it too :)
I wish I were going so I could sport one of those big beauties!  I'm sure all 155,000 attendees have carefully chosen their ginormous-crazy-headwear so as not to be pegged worst dressed- 
like poor Princess Beatrice of York.  
 In regards to the actual race, I will be routing for Anna Napravnik, the only woman jockey who will be riding a horse named
Pants on Fire.  
  Speaking of horses (like that carefully chosen transition?) If you haven't noticed, horse art is everywhere!  I must say, I find these large animals beautiful, but I've never thought to put a pic of one in my home. Well my eyes have been opened and I want one of these gorgeous gals displayed on one of my walls.  A picture of one that is, not a real one.  Take a look at these...

Alright everyone, grab your craziest hat and place your bets for the best hat-dawning-gal at the derby this weekend.  If only I were there, I could snap a snap of a gorgeous horse for my house and possibly wear the biggest hat ever made.  Oh well, maybe next year :)

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