Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Luke, 11 months

Dear Luke,

When people ask me about you, my response is almost always the same. I tell them you're the best, that you're such a pumpkin, and you are so much fun. It's pretty great I can say those things about you almost all the time. Last night, before your Dad and I went to sleep, we both peeked in on you and saw you sleeping with a little smirk on your face. We had to stop ourselves from laughing out loud so we didn't wake you up.  It was such a precious moment. When we crawled into bed that night, we both hugged each other and thanked God for you.  
Guuuess whaaat? That pesky tooth that has been hiding for months finally came through! You have one cute-little-off-centered-tooth on the bottom and we are so relieved! No more toothless grin, but I gotta say, that little tooth is pretty cute. Especially since you try using it on all foods that make a crunch noise.  We've witnessed a few temper tantrums this month, refussal to take afternoon naps for 3 days in a row, and confirmation you do in fact understand the word "no". This month your personality has blossomed just a little more and there is no denying, you love to laugh. We can get you to giggle at pretty much anything and we do it a lot! Even when you're playing by yourself, you find all kinds of ways to make yourself laugh. We've noticed you are so much more engaged with the people and things around you. You notice all the ladies who smile at you in the grocery store, loud trucks that drive by, and the sound of the refrigerator door opening :). 
Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman came to visit this month and they got to love all over you. They gave you your birthday present early and you use it everyday. You push that toy all over the place. When you are about to hit the wall you stop, look back at me, and usually scream indicating you want me to come and turn you around. You haven't tried to take any steps on your own yet, but we catch you all the time standing all by yourself in the middle of the room. I have a feeling your crawling days are numbered.
My favorite new thing this month are your kisses. You think it's a game to give kisses and will give me 10 in a row before getting bored with it. Talk about melting a mother's heart.   
I have to take deep breath sometimes because your 1st birthday is almost here. I guess in my mind, when you turn 1 it officially takes you out of babyhood. Maybe that's not true, it's just this year has gone by so fast and I didn't expect how much I would love it. I guess as long as I catch you showing off those sweet baby-fat rolls on the back of your legs (as seen in this picture) I will feel like there is still some "baby time" left.   
I love you so much, Luke.

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  1. I just want to eat those thighs. In the last pic he looks like he has been caught with his rolls showing! :-)



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