Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is here... for real?

Just so you know, it is a sweltering 98 degrees here in Bama.  So although the calendar may read fall the weather says, "I don't think so".  I was reading one of my favorite cooking blogs today and she has a whole post dedicated to fall foods.  I don't know anyone who doesn't love true fall-weather, but thinking about putting a sweater on with this blazing heat makes me want to puke.  Sad really, because I do love covering up in such cozy clothing.  Anyway, although Bama's weather is not cooperating with the calendar I am hopeful that it soon will.....  because this blog's treats are just too good to ignore!
Happy Fall.... soon I hope!
pic courtesy of Annie's Eats


  1. I checked out Annie's Eats and have been drooling ever since! Every recipe of hers looks AMAZING! I'm going to try the caramel apple cheesecake and the caramel banana cupcakes. Both of those are calling my name!

  2. personally, i think a trip to mi in the fall would be fabulous! just keep it in mind...



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