Monday, May 24, 2010

it's time for another DESSERT! :)

So we just found out that we have "wild" blackberries growing in the empty lot across the street. JACK POT! We seriously just picked like 25 dollars worth of delicious sweet blackberries. Did I mention they are free and right outside my door? Score. So in light of our fabulous blackberry find I decided to make a delicious summery treat for my hubby, myself, and of course baby Hoff :). I love looking at cooking/baking blogs and I recently ran across this one This blog is full of great recipes and tips. The picture is also courtesy Joy the Baker Blog. I am making it tonight. I cannot WAIT! Enjoy.

click the link above for the recipe

1 comment:

  1. um i want some. and the berries too. YUMMY:) ps i loved the sandals from the last post, which were so NOT for baby hoff, but hot for you! and lastly, i love that you bought a nursing cover:) love you so Sister, praying always!



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