Monday, May 3, 2010

It's MAY!!!!!

I just realized as I was ripping April off my desk calendar this morning that I am having this baby NEXT month. Woah. I had a mild panic attack and then realized that my due date is June 29th so it's possible that I will have baby Hoff in July. That made me feel better. Although, by that time I may be wishing I would have never wrote those words.

Pregnancy hormones are definitely here. I cry easily about mostly anything lately. Knowing this about myself I stupidly decided to watch the movie "My Sister's Keeper" Friday night. I ended up soaking the pillow I was laying on with tears and ruined the rest of my Friday night because I could not stop crying. Awesome. Poor Eric, I am so up and down lately I don't think he knows whether to hug me or just run away.

Speaking of husbands.... I was talking to my older sister (who is also pregnant and due in 2 weeks) the other day on the phone about pregnancy craziness. Her poor husband has been sick almost a week with Vertigo and has felt awful. She explained to me that she cannot help but be annoyed at him for the HUGE inconvenience of his sickness. RIGHT? She is pregnant and has a 2 year old to take care of- there is no room for sick husbands!!! I just laughed hysterically at how crazy pregnancy can make us! My sister would never say this under normal circumstances. I love sharing pregnancy stories with her, she always makes me feel better :).

Anyone else have some fun/crazy hormonal stories they would like to share? :)


  1. LOL...I love how I can read about how my wife is feeling about me on your blog. I knew she felt that way...heck I feel annoyed with myself as well as I have so much I want to do to help prepare our house and us for the arrival of baby number 2.

  2. Oh gosh . . . wait until after the baby comes. My hormones were the worst then!

    THe anecdote about your sister is similar to what I went through at the end of last summer . . . I was 38 weeks pregnant, with a two year old and Kyle had the nerve to come down with some sort of virus! In my mind I knew it was out of his control, but it didn't keep me from being frustrated with him!

  3. brad describes it like this: he remains, stable, contented, and calm while i am on this rollercoaster of emotions. every now and then i will either come down or up to his level and then we get along perfectly. otherwise i am flying high or saddened with sorrow. every day is an adventure!!

  4. My hormones vary on a day to day basis. I can cry at the drop of a hat one day and be totally fine the next! =) My husband is understanding. Right now I'm feeling like I have to get EVERYTHING done NOW...eventhough we are still 6 weeks away. I just want to be ready I think...At least I know there are other pregger people out there who are going through the same thing! Makes me feel like I'm not loosing my mind....which is another thing...I forget EVERYTHING! Anyone else become forgetful during their pregnancy?

  5. So I know you wrote this nearly a month ago...but I'm just getting caught up on my blogs. I was insane crying woman the last month of my pregnancy...okay the whole pregnancy. I was 3 months pregnant during the summer olympics and cried everytime Michael Phelps won. I just kept saying (through my tears): "Good for him...his mother must be so proud." I also cried at ALL the Morgan Freeman voice over commercials that they do during the olympics. I was a basket case.



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