Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online shopping-somebody stop me

Can I get an amen? Does anybody else get into the bad habit of trolling online at your favorite stores drooling over items you should not buy? Well I'm still working on my self-control and have done OK, really I have. Except I bought a few items recently. But, they were cheap! So no worries right?

Something I LOVE doing right now is looking at Christmas ornaments online. Anyone else get into the Christmas mood early? I don't know why? It just gets me all giddy to picture a beautiful Christmas tree with coordinating decor artfully placed on its bright green branches. Right now Pottery Barn has free shipping on all of their adorable ornaments. I just grabbed this one. I also bought this last week. However, I did not pay the ridiculous price listed for this cute drink dispenser- I only paid 5 bucks! I have no idea why it was discounted but, I didn't ask questions- I just pulled out the credit card. Sorry shopper, it's no longer that price. Shame on me for not starting my blog earlier with this useful information. Maybe it will make you feel better to know that it's on back order until December.

When we first got married Eric's parents were awesome and bought us our bedroom set as a wedding gift. I actually like it more every year. Unfortunately, when they bought the set it only came with one nightstand. When we lived in our small apartment that was perfect because we couldn't squeeze one more piece of furniture in that room. But now we have a slightly bigger room at our new house and I REALLY want the other nightstand. BAD NEWS! Discontinued! So I have also been online searching for the matching nightstand with no luck yet. If you come across this cute little nightstand PLEASE shoot me an email and let me know. It's called Kathy Ireland's Carmel Valley collection.

Well fellow website wanderers good luck with all your online purchases to come. And let us try to remember; less is more- but only if it's too expensive... because if it's a really good deal then it's really just MORE for LESS! Let's get one more AMEN!

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