Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun

Fall is seriously my favorite time of year. Who doesn't love the crisp cool air, the amazing display of autumn colors, and of course carving pumpkins. I didn't know if I would get around to it this fall- as I did not last fall but, lucky me I had plenty of help this year! I called my wonderful youth group girls to come over for a pumpkin carving party!
I am a volunteer leader for our youth group "Vertigo" and I have some awesome Junior girls I get to hang out with. Some of the girls came over to carve pumpkins, bake cookies, and eat pumpkins seeds. So much fun! And who knew? They turned out to be AMAZING carvers! We tried this recipe for the pumpkin seeds. Good one to try if you like Sweet and delicious.

As you can see they are all adorable and each girl is sitting under their carved pumpkin. I feel pretty blessed to have a chance to hang out with these girls. P.S.- if you haven't tried the template pumpkin carving kit, you should! You can carve some very cool and detailed pumpkins :).

The final product displayed on my southern front porch. Only one of the girls decided to take their pumpkin home so I have quite a cute display for my front porch. I think it definitely says "Welcome Trick-or- Treaters!"


  1. I'm so proud of you for roasting the seeds and eating them!! so many people just throw them out :( look forward to seeing you manana missy! loves, JL

  2. Melissa! I had no idea you had started a blog. And I seriously love it!! I'm digging your background too - great minds must think alike!



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