Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Weston, 4 months

Dear Weston,

You are one big boy.  I took you to your 4 month check-up and found out you weigh 17lbs 3oz and are 26 inches long. You are in the 90th percentile in weight and height.  You are fitting into 6 month clothing and I think in the next week or so I will have to get out the 9 month sleepers.  I'm soaking up every moment with you sweet boy, because I know all too well, these days go by too quickly.  In your case, VERY quickly, seeing as you are about to graduate your 6 month clothing and are still 2 months away from being 6 months!
You are one content little guy.  You love sitting in your bouncy seat watching your brother play.  He is so entertaining to you and your Dad and I :).  You are doing great grabbing and batting at your toys.   You found your hands and have them in your mouth constantly.  You like to chew on your thumb and suck on it with all your fingers pointing to the sky.  You are still drooling tons causing several outfit changes a day.
You talk, giggle, squeal, laugh, gurgle, and razz a lot!  You light up when someone talks to you or smiles at you. Your feet and belly are very ticklish and we all love to tickle you!  You have the loudest scream-cry I've ever heard.  I'm glad it comes out very little, because seriously, it is LOUD.
You're not the biggest fan of Tummy Time.  You last about 5 minutes trying to keep your head up and then give up.  This picture shows how you often spend Tummy Time.  I can't imagine trying to keep your noggin up, Weston.  What I mean is... well you are obviously so smart.  So it's ok if you want to take a break or get frustrated and belt out your LOUD scream-cry.  We'll get there, I promise :). 
You LOVE baths.... when you get them.  I'm still struggling to get you the amount of baths you should have... so sorry.  But boy, whe you get one, you sure do love them.  You kick your feet and squeal with joy!  In fact, we got our first long laugh from you when you were taking a bath.  I wish we were fast enough to get it on video, but I know that one was just the beginning.  Your brother often likes to "assist" with your bath time.  Luke is either going to teach you to love the water or hate it with the amount of water he splashes in your face. A couple weeks ago Luke decided to wake you up from your nap by pouring a cup of water over your face.  Yeah, I know....  Don't worry, he was PUNISHED.
 We have finally moved you up to your own room.  Our bedroom is downstairs so we have kept you in our room for convenience.  Also, (cough) because we just moved your brother out of the crib into his big boy bed.  (He did great by the way).  You are sleeping pretty well in your crib, but I think you will have a slight adjustment learning how to get yourself back to sleep on your own.  Since being in our room, if you wake up, we get up and put the paci back in your mouth because you are like 6 feet away (and we want our sleep!).  But now you will be all the way up-stairs and we won't be running up there to put your paci in your mouth anymore.
Have I mentioned I love your smile?  Your eyes squint up and your mouth gets as wide as it can go and then your kissable cheeks puff up even bigger!  It. Is. Awesome.  There is just something about you, precious boy.  You have such a sweet spirit about you.   I love how you hold my fingers so tightly, how you perch your head on my shoulder when I carry you around, and how you nuzzle your head back and forth when you're tired.  I treasure all these little things about you.

We love you so so much, Weston.  Our family is all the more sweeter now that you're here with us.  I can't imagine life without you precious one.


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