Monday, October 15, 2012

Weston's BIRTH DAY -- August 9th, 2012

Oh Weston, I have to start out by telling you, I was SO ready for you to get here.  This pregnancy was a tough one for me.  I was often sick, fighting off infection and lots of back pain.  I felt HUGE (and kinda was) and it was increasingly difficult, if not impossible for me to pick up your 30+ pound brother!  Not to mention, it was one of the hottest summers ever!  Also our air conditioner broke twice for over a week in July!  Is that enough complaining?

So with all that said, it was a Wednesday, your Dad and I needed some time together and hoped to get a few more dates in before you arrived.  We arranged for a babysitter and planned a night out together.  We started by taking a walk next to the Harpeth River.  I distinctly remember how hard it was for me to walk even at a very slow pace.  Your Dad and I both made jokes about how ridiculously slow I was walking! After about 20 minutes of trying to walk we both decided it was time to just give it up.  So we left for Puckett's to continue on with the rest of our date.  We went there because they had a bluegrass band playing and delicious southern fried food :).  Our sweet waitress sat us at the table and immediately asked when I was due.  I told her, "hopefully tonight!" although your due date was still a week away (August 14th). We ordered these big burgers and a very large side of fries.  It tasted so good to me.  Fun fact, I ate more burgers with you in my belly than I  have in the last 6 years combined.  Just know that normally I have red meat about twice a year, if that gives you any idea.  Now you're understanding why I was "feeling" so HUGE aren't you?! :)  Not long after we sat down I started feeling what I thought were braxton hicks.  I had a lot of braxton hicks with you so it wasn't alarming.  We got our food and the band began to play.  A few minutes later I told your Dad I thought I might be having some contractions.  "Nothing to worry about", I said, "it was so hot today and we did just go for a difficult 20 minute walk (sarcasm implied)."  A few more minutes went by and it seemed as though they were coming at a regular intervals.  I told your dad, I probably just needed to get up and walk around for a second.  So I got up and went to the bathroom.  On my way, I passed our waitress who looked at me with sincere concern and asked if I was ok.  After getting to the bathroom, I quickly realized that I was in fact, experiencing real contractions.  When I got back to the table your dad had already asked for the check and was handing me my purse.  He knew it was time to go.  Our waitress was so sweet, she had wrapped up some dessert on the house for us and sent us on our way with well-wishes and excitement.  When we got in the car we called your Nana and told her to remain on stand-by.  True to form, I wasn't completely sure this was the real thing yet.  Your dad, however, was SURE it was.  We got home around 8:30 and relieved the baby sitter, your brother was already in bed.  I got in the shower, just in case we had to leave for the hospital (I couldn't go without re-fixing my hair right!?)  Your dad scurried around the house gathering everything we would need to take with us and already had Nana on her way over.  I was in the bathroom fixing my hair in between stopping to breathe through contractions when Nana arrived.  Both your Dad and Nana would not let me finish fixing my hair and had me in the car before I knew it.  Honestly, I still wasn't sure it was real, but knowing Baptist hospital was a good 30 minutes away without any traffic had me in the car just in case.

We arrived around 10pm and they wheeled me to an exam room and had me checked.  I was 5cm and 80% effaced.  They were keeping us.  Your dad and I were sent to the delivery room where we would remain the rest of the night.  Somewhere around 12:30am, your heart rate dropped.  All of a sudden there were 6 people in the room turning me from side to side, checking me, putting an oxygen mask on my face, and an anesthesiologist there asking me a million questions preparing me for an epidural and a possible emergency C-section.  I began crying in fear and in pain.  Your Dad held my hand while trying to stay out of the way of the nurses.  Finally, in what seemed like forever your heart rate began to rise to a safe range again.  A physician came in and looked things over, assuring me that everything was fine.  It was a terrifying 10 minutes, tears continued to stream down my face long after the hype was over.  God answered our prayers again by keeping you safe and by providing wonderful nurses to get us through.

After getting the epidural I was able to calm down again and rest a little.  Just like with your brother, we had a wonderful nurse, but one that talked to us the whole night through.  We heard her life story and found out we had a lot of things in common like; she had also lived in Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Finally around 4:00am I felt like I needed to push.  It was such a calm scene compared to what had happened just hours ago.  The nurse calmly walked to the phone and called for Dr. Barret.  About 15 minutes later we were all set to push.  It only took 5 pushes and you were out!
They were able to place you on my chest and for the second time in my life, I had an overwhelming rush of immediate and intense love for you sweet one.   You were a healthy 8 lbs  20 inches born at 4:31am.  I don't think I put you down for hours.  The time with just the 3 of us in the hospital for those few days was so sweet.  It was easy going and filled with hours of holding you and staring at you.
You are the most perfect addition to our family, Weston, and I am so grateful God gave you to us.  We are incredibly blessed to call you our son.  We love you beyond measure Weston Lee!
In case you were wondering....  After your big brother got over all the buttons on the side of the hospital bed, he instantly took to you.  He was so curious about your hands and feet.  He gave you sweet hugs and kisses too.  Our prayer is that God develops in both of you a great love for each other and a deep friendship that starts early and lasts a life time.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Your scary moment in the hospital sounds like Will!!! Love you sweet friend!:)

  2. What a beautiful birth Story! I love hearing about how babies are brought into the world. So sweet! Congrats on being a momma of two!

  3. Terrific, tear-causing story! Life with two is obviously more challenging, but twice as much fun! :-) Congrats!

  4. So happy to read this and hoping that someday I can meet your two healthy boys. :)



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