Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Weston, 2 months

Dear Weston,

I have a confession to make.  It took us until the nurse said, "Ok we need the filled out birth certificate form like... now." for us to finally decide on your name.  That's right, you were named "                   " Lee Hoffman, for the first 2 days of your life.  We had a tough time coming up with a name for your brother too, but we had a moment, and it just came.  This time around, for whatever reason, there was no "moment".  We decided to go to the hospital with our top 3 names and just knew once we saw you, we would know.  Well..... you looked pretty good with all three names.  You are one good lookn' kid, so naturally, lots of names would fit a gorgeous face like yours!  Obviously, we finally decided on Weston Lee.  Lee is your Daddy's middle name and also a Hoffman family name.  You are blessed to be given a name after your Dad Weston.   He is a man you can look up to and model your life after.  We like that "Weston" can be shortened to "Wes" and think it's really a cool name in general.  Now there is no doubt you look like a Weston to us!
Your first two months home have been wonderful.  Although juggling two kids is a new challenge for me,  I am a much more relaxed mom the second time around.  I'm fairly confident, I won't break you, so that helps too :).   It also helps a lot that you are an easy baby.  You have given us 3 nights in a row sleeping from 10pm-6am!  Way to go Weston!!!
You've already started to smile and coo and it completely lights up my life!  It came so easily to you and so quickly.  You give us big open mouth grins and love it when we talk to you or sing to you.  Lucky for you (or not so lucky), you get the same amount of ridiculous singing and made up "Hoffman" originals as Luke did.  These songs probably have an expiration date with you guys, but I doubt that will stop your dad and I from continuing to belt them out :).  
I love our time in the morning together.  You are so content and smiley.  You are a funny little guy too.  You grunt all the time.  You are always moving your arms around and you are starting to hold your head a little more steady these days.  You are sleeping in our room still, mostly because your room is all the way upstairs!  It's so much easier not to have to climb the stairs at night in case we have to change your diaper, or put your paci back in your mouth, or feed you!  You like to sleep in your bouncy seat at night, I think it helps with your digestion, but I don't really care where you sleep, as long as you keep giving us 10pm-6am!  You are eating every 3 to 3.5 hours and get about 6 feedings a day.  At your 2 months check-up, get this, you weighed 13lbs 15oz  and were 23 1/4 inches long.  You are HUGE!  You are gaining a roll or two on your sweet thighs and your cheeks are absolutely the most kissable things out there.  Your brother was 12.5lbs at his 3 month check-up so you are on your way to being quite a bit bigger!
In the left pic you are at 2 weeks and the right pic is 2 months.  You have GROWN!
Your brother Luke had an adjustment period for about a week when you came home.  Don't get me wrong he has  loved every minute with you.  He just had an emotional adjustment to get through.  He loves hugging you, patting your head, and giving you kisses.  He says "Ohhhh buddy, don't cry" and "is ok Wesssson" when you are upset.  He likes to talk to you in a high pitched voice.  You always smile at him and follow him around the room with your eyes.  He cares a lot for you already and I think you will be fast friends. 

It's so much fun finding out the things you love.  You love to be held, no matter how hard you were crying and you stop immediately as soon as we pick you up.  You love your bath just like your big brother!  You are so calm and relaxed in your little whale tub.  Sadly, you don't get as many baths as you should.  Having 2 kids has caused me to slack a little bit on the bathing... sorry about that!  You do not love being put down, and you do not love car rides so much.  We are working on it :).
I love how you grip my arm so tight when I'm holding you and how you perch your head on top of my shoulder to see what's going on.  I love learning about your personality and temperament.  It's fun to see the similarities with your brother and the differences.  You are just you, and I am completely and totally smitten with you sweet boy.  I pray you always know how much you are delighted in and how much more your heavenly Father delights in you.  I am so glad you're mine Weston Lee.


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