Monday, December 13, 2010

{December LOVaLIES}

Tender Tennessee Christmas with a surprise bonus of snow accumulation (and seriously crazy drivers).

Slow and chilly mornings with the family.  Luke looking at his first snowfall in our new home.

Lights and shiny ornaments are curious and wonderful entertainment for this sweet babe.

Probably my favorite Christmas candy

Patiently waiting to make his first Christmas ornament

Just a few of the lovely things we get to experience this Christmas Season.  We are blessed.


  1. Welcome to Tennessee, my dear! So Luke is adorable, and I need to meet him stat. P.S. Can you believe this weather? The paper says it's the coldest December since 1942. Some way to welcome you, huh? :)

  2. The second photo of the boys looking out the window is absolutely precious- isn't it great to get a perfect photo like that?? :)



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