Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recently I'm...

stacking- mounds and mounds of diapers and wipes! The closet can only hold so many :)

making- whatever is in the fridge- tonight bertolli pasta and crescent rolls... not very healthy, but at least it's wheat pasta right? Also, have I mentioned how much I love crescent rolls?

to do- LOTS of laundry. I just realized I have to wash all these clothes before baby Hoff can wear them (something I never do when I buy something new for myself ). I have anally separated the baby clothes by months and I am starting with the newborn tonight and moving up in size from there.

amazed- at my husband's photo abilities. He is so good!

searching- for the perfect glider. Any suggestions out there?

excited- About making these! I can't believe I have all the ingredients. YUM!!!

experiencing- braxton hicks... my doctor said they shouldn't be that painful- hmm.. I better toughen up before the big day.

watching- Biggest Looser, LOST, and GLEE :) Thank goodness for DVR because those are all on at the same time!

love/hate- this spring weather. The temperature is divine. The pollen is is not!

grateful- God has blessed us beyond belief! I am so grateful for all our family and friends.


  1. I'd like to know how those peanut butter cookies turn out. They look so yummy!!

  2. I am making those cookies asap...I am obsessed with cookies. I don't think my a week has gone by in about a month that I have not made cookies. It has been this pregnancy's addiction!

  3. girl- i can't believe i am just now reading your blog for the first time! it's so great to peak into your world and see pics of you so cute and pregnant. oh, and how do you make your blog so adorable? i want to change my layout! give me some tips...

  4. check out or They give you free blog designs! :) I know there are a lot of other websites to check out that offer free designs as well



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