Thursday, March 11, 2010

here is yet another "recently i'm" post

Recently I'm...

Hunting- BABY FURNITURE. Not cheap. I'm hoping that the price tags I'm reading are all a big fake out and I will find the real prices at the next store. The hunt continues.

Drinking- H2O baby. That's all I'm drinking. Last appointment I informed my Doctor, very proudly I might add, that I am drinking 3 24oz bottles of water a day. She looked at me and said, "I'd like you to do more if you can". Um... what? Her analogy to help me get he picture- Get in the bathtub with a straw. No problem, instead of getting up 3-4x's a night to pee I'll just sleep on the toilet.

Eating- Well mostly everything right now. I am finally feeling good and all of the sudden everything sounds good to me. Someone says Pizza- I want it. Someone mentions fruit salad-gotta have it. Getting the picture?

Growing- In lots of areas. On a serious note, this pregnancy journey has been full of ups and downs causing me to look up more often. I am humbled by the ways God draws me closer to Himself. There is truly nothing more awe inspiring than having this life form it's lung and bone inside me.

Growing- My baby bump. Aforementioned my appetite has improved greatly. Last night I ate a Cinnamon roll at about 8:45pm. I felt so full afterwards, I waddled around the house moaning and complaining that I ate it. Eric noted that my belly looked more "swollen" (good choice of words on his part) after my indulgence. This morning I woke up and my stomach had grown! Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing cinnamon roll baby. I'm sorry baby.

Enjoying- This 75 degree weather we are experiencing today. Spring have you sprung? I don't want to get my hopes up too high yet, but I am expecting you to stay!

Walking- in this 75 degree weather is AWESOME. Obviously I am going to have to keep up some kind of physical activity when I loose self-control again and cause my baby to grow due to a 10:00pm ice cream splurge. Again, sorry baby.

Contemplating- Natural birth vs. epidural? Any thoughts?

Hoping- to be inspired and come up with the PERFECT baby boy name.

Cleaning- base boards. Not a usual item on the cleaning list but, I can still bend down right now and feel that it probably won't be happening for a LONG time unless I do it now.

Impressed- my husband started P90 X at the beginning of this week and has not skipped a day yet. Way to go!


  1. Go natural. Yes it hurts, but it is totally worth it. I had both Austin and Charlotte without epidurals and stood up just after giving birth, walked around, and felt fantastic. When you get to a certain point, the pain doesn't get any worse, so if you are already in crazy pain, why medicate if you can handle it? They both nursed great right after they were born and I felt more in control of my body than I have heard my friends say they had after an epidural. Most of all, do what is right for you. It is your body, your baby, and you know what you can handle. I totally repect that God made each of us differently and labor is so different for each woman. (My sister in law can talk through all of her contractions until she is pushing... so yeah, I hope your labor is like hers :)
    We will be praying for you and lifting you up as you bring little Hoff into the world!

  2. You inspire me, Melissa. You are such a wonderful addition to our staff at HOWA, and you will be a fantastic MOM!! I admire you for many reasons, and I'm honored to call you a friend. Love, Amy S.

    P.S. go for the epidural :)

  3. Even after 12 years, your words bring back memories of such wonderful moments when John was in my belly. I felt so humbled the entire time that God would bless me with such an incredible journey of a life forming and growing inside me. I continue to pray for you and the amazing decisions that are so intimate for you and Eric (baby furniture, natural birth, etc). And I know that His comforting Hand is laid gently over you and your "growing baby bump." Love you. bg



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