Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Moon Weekend in Chattanooga

Here is a short recap of our awesome "Baby Moon". There were lots more pictures but here are a few highlights... Enjoy.

Our lovely accommodations. We pricelined and got a great deal!

Eric and I at the top of "Look Out Mountain" Very touristy, but a lovely walk and view once we got to the top.
Our Amazing Lunch and DELICIOUS dessert :)

Key Lime Cupcake... sooo good.

The next couple are just some city sites
The Aquarium was awesome- a must see when going to Chattanooga
The first thing we saw when getting inside the Aquarium... sorry lady, had to do it.
Me touching Sting Rays!
With out a doubt the BEST breakfast we have EVER, I mean EVER, eaten. AMAZING!
Cookie the size of my head.
The goodness on a plate.


  1. FUN! So wish we had done this . . .

  2. I want that cookie right now.

  3. so glad you two had this opportunity to celebrate your family! looks like there were good times and good food aplenty!!



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