Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear Miles, 5 months

Dear Miles,
5 months!  I have to say with each kid the time just goes by quicker and quicker.  I know I say this too much, but I really wish I could hit a pause button.  As I sit here typing this letter to you, you are propped on my lap with the help of the boppy pillow.  You are reaching up with you little hand and playing with my hair.  I could sit here all day.  In fact this may be the longest letter I ever write! ;)

This month you've experienced your first cold.  No doubt passed on by your brother, Weston.  He likes to swipe your paci and then offer it back to you.  *sigh*  Just like his not so gentle pats on your back, it's all in the spirit of love.  You've handled this cold very well so far even though it's tough for you to breath!
(you're saying, "Mom, you see what's about to happen here, right?

One thing your Dad and I have loved watching is how much your brothers care for you.  Luke has finally evoked the belly laugh from you.  He was the first to get it out and you continue to express how hilarious you find him as you crane your neck to follow him around the room.  Weston and Luke have made running to your bedside a morning ritual, sometimes giving you a rude awakening! Weston likes to tell me when you are crying, as if I cannot hear it.  His little face is always so concerned, "MOM, baby Miles crying!"  He often shoves your paci in your mouth after he's taken a taste, to try and sooth you.

You've turned into a great car-rider.  Probably because we are often driving to and fro to pick up, drop-off, run errands, or play at the park, to name a few.  You are so content in your carseat which has made those run arounds much smoother.  Don't get me wrong, for as much time as you spend in your carseat, you get held plenty.  You can't spoil a baby, right?  You are a great snuggler and fold right into whoever is holding you.  However, I think I might be a slight baby hog.  Mom dibs.

You are a talkative little guy.  One evening at our missional group gathering you were nothing short of disruptive with you high pitched squeals and coos.  It was pretty funny, albeit distracting :).  You are finally able to keep your paci in your mouth, but spit it out often because you have something to say.
(my favorite hamburger)

The furthest you have rolled is from your back to your side.  You don't seem all that interested in moving around.  I guess you have enough entertainment watching your energetic brothers which I'm sure takes away some desire to move on your own!

Your Dad and I had an overnight getaway a couple weeks ago.  We let you tag along because you are easy.  It turned out to be such a great time for your Dad and I, and having you along really was a like a bonus.  You went with us on a long hike to Falls Creek Falls.  You stayed in the ergo carrier for well over 2 hours and did fantastic.  I forgot how much being in nature fills my cup.  Seeing the beautiful fall colors and smelling the crisp cool air is one of God's sweet blessings.  I can't wait to do more of these outings as a family.
(your dedication day)

This season always reminds us of all the things we have to be thankful for.  A grateful heart overflows and leads us to worship.  Did you know, your little life leads me to worship God?  I am beyond grateful for you, one of my sweetest gifts.
With an overflowing heart,

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