Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Weston, 11 months

Dear Weston,

This year has gone faster than I thought possible.  We are just a few short weeks away from your 1st birthday.  How can this be?  I cannot tell you enough how blessed we are to have you in our family.  Your presence alone brings joy to my heart.  Seriously, I just have to be near you and I feel happier.  It's the truth!
You have grown a lot in your abilities this past month!  You are crawling!  You love to chase your brother around the kitchen island.  Some of your favorite things to play with are the match game cards.  You love to open the box and throw all of them out all over the floor.  Then you put one in each hand and crawl all over the house with them like they are your friends.

You LOVE my phone and get very upset if I have to take it from you.  You notice which toy you were playing with and are not happy if someone takes it from you. :)

You are practicing some new sounds.  You say; mama, dada, buba, nana, and papa.  You babble often with your low voice and scream in your very high pitched voice.  Your pallet is proving to be a little more picky than your brothers'.  You definitely love to eat, but seem to be sensitive to different textures.  You make hilarious faces of disgust when something just doesn't feel right in your mouth and then push out the remains with your tongue.  
Let's see, you can pull up on things, get up on all fours and sometimes use your head to balance.
You can wave hello, scream with delight when you know you've done something good, drink out of a sippy cup, and you still fall asleep anywhere we lay you.  I think that's the best trick of all!
You have 2 teeth and seem to be working on 2 more.  You are in 12 month and some 18 month clothing.  People notice how big you are, but they also notice how sweet and content you are.  Several of our friends are having babies this month and they've all hoped to have a "Weston baby" because you are so easy!
Dad and I left for a few days to go see Aunt Joy and Uncle Scott in their new place in Knoxville.  Nana and Papa stayed with you and your brother.  You did great and had special bonding time with Nana and Papa.
Did I mention I've coerced you into snuggling?  I couldn't help it.  You are too sweet not to be snuggled.  You like to be held and hold on tight to my arm.  You give great hugs and kisses and have such a tenderness about you. 
Weston, I pray daily God would capture your heart at a young age.  I pray He would develop a deep affection and friendship between you and your brother.  I pray God gives your Dad and I the grace and wisdom to parent you well.  We love you so much, buddy!

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