Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear Weston, 6 months

Dear Weston,
You had your 6 month appointment this week.  You are 18 1/2 lbs!  Surprisingly, you are lighter than what I thought!  You are 26 and 3/4 inches long.  At this rate you are well on your way to being quite a bit bigger than your brother.  Your brother is really into tackling lately, but I think you'll be able to hold your own :).  You had to get some shots this month and true to form, I cried longer than you did.  You are one tough little guy!
I love watching you and your brother together.  Luke gets you to laugh more than your Dad or I.  Although I think you save your best smiles for me.  You two boys have my heart!
We started cereal with you this month and you are doing great!  We've been at it about a week.  Each day you are getting better and better at swallowing it and not just pushing it out with your tongue.  You are very interested in the spoon and try to grab it with your little hand.  We can't tell if you are going to be a foodie like your brother yet, but you have cried when the cereal ran out so..... we'll see! (oh boy)
Something special we've noticed about you is your voice.  You have a song in your heart, little buddy and you are not afraid to sing it out.  You are constantly talking, screaming, razzing, and humming.  Seriously, a lot of it actually sounds like you are singing!  Your range is incredible.  You can get so very low and so very high all in one breath.  We are all super impressed with your ability to chat it up and sing where ever you might be.  You're in the right town my friend, we might have a breakout star in the family :).
I love how you look at your hands like they are so delicate and breakable. You hold them in the air and spin them from side to side looking over them with curiosity, like you are just figuring out they are attached to your body. You put everything in your mouth these days and are chewing on your fingers all the time.  You are doing much better with tummy time, but it's still a work in progress.

We are now working on sitting up and standing.  As you can see from this picture, you still need a little help :).  You seem to be very content laying on your back or hanging out in your exersaucer watching all the action going on around you.

Bedtime routine with you is a breeze.  When it's time for you to go down, we just lay you on your back in the crib.  You wait for me to turn your mobile on before you grab your blanket and nuzzle it into your face.  You fall asleep so quickly and sleep through the night most of the time.  thankyouverymuch.
You know what else I've really enjoyed about you, Weston.  I can take you anywhere, no problem.  I have taken you shopping with me for several hours and you just hang out in your car seat like Target is your favorite place, I mean, how could it not be?!  You've gone to the zoo and park and haven't made a peep about being in the stroller for sometimes well over 2 hours.  We just started to put you in the church nursery because up until about a week ago you slept in your car seat through the whole service.
Sometimes when I hold you, I have to bite the back of your paci to prevent myself from squeezing your little body too hard.  This is called a "cuteness attack"... seriously... it's a thing.  It happens A LOT.  I cannot get over your sweet disposition and beautiful smile.  You bring so much light and joy to our family.  I thank God for you every single day.  We love you beyond measure Weston Lee.

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